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Garden Grocer from a Tourist’s Point of View

Guest Author: Curious George

Normally when we go to Walt Disney World, we rent a car.  However car rental prices have gone through the roof over the last couple years and I could no longer justify the expense.  This left us with the challenge of how to get some groceries.  Enter Garden Grocer, which is a grocery delivery service.  You simply go on their website and select the items you would like to order.  The minimum order is $40 and there is a $14 delivery fee (only $2 if you order more than $200).

About a week before we left, I created an account, went through the website and added items we would typically buy on vacation to my “favourites” list.  You can add them directly to your cart, but I figured this way they are marked already for my next trip.  Then we went through that list and made a decision which of those items we really wanted.  We ordered milk, bottles of Coke, a case of Dasani, some gallon jugs of distilled water, Gatorade, bagels, cream cheese, Chex mix, pretzels, and licorice.  I found their prices to be fair for regular prices.  Our total came to $44 plus taxes, plus the $14 delivery and a tip for the delivery guy, which you can add right to your order on line of you want. Then you select the time of delivery, as well as the location of the delivery.  We would not be arriving until about 10pm so we selected the last time slot of 7-9 pm.  I also knew that Disney does not allow them to deliver directly to the room for security reasons, so I would not need to be there to meet the driver.  If you stay off-site, you will have to be there when the groceries are delivered, which is less convenient.  I received a confirmation email, followed by a confirmation phone call just confirming they had received my order.  Pretty easy and I was impressed with that extra personal touch.

Just as we were leaving for the airport about 3 pm, my cell phone rings.  It was Garden Grocer indicating that my groceries had been delivered to the resort and were left with Bell Services.  A little early since we had not even left for the airport yet, but since I know that Disney has refrigerators, I wasn’t concerned and actually felt like it was one less thing I needed to worry about.  When we arrived to the resort and had checked in, we let Bell Services know our room number and they delivered the groceries to our room for us.  The items were packed in heavy paper bags with handles.  Each bag had our name on it.  The cold items had been packed separately and were still cold.  One thing I had been concerned about was expiry dates, but I did not need to worry.  We were at WDW for 10 nights and the milk expired 2 weeks from check-in.  Similarly, the bagels were fresh.  (Sorry, but I was tired and did not think to take a photo of my groceries.)

Let me tell you, I was really glad not to have to go get groceries at 10:30 at night!  It was so nice to feel settled literally 10 minutes after check-in.  Their customer service was excellent.  I received exactly what I ordered, fresh and in good condition.  it would have been much more expensive to rent a car or take a cab to the grocery store than their $14 delivery fee, plus I didn’t have to waste my vacation time running those errands.  Additionally, the cost of buying 24 bottles of Dasani and 6 bottles of Coke alone would have cost me $75, more than the cost of the groceries and the delivery fee combined.  I will absolutely use Garden Grocer on our upcoming trips.


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