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Magical Disney Birthday Vacation ….

Guest Author: Maryann Viola

So my daughter was turning Sweet 16 and we are not into spending a huge amount of money on a party . With parties here running over $10,000 an event we wanted something she would remember forever and not a 4-6 hour event  . August 2011 , 4 months after her April Birthday  I headed out to the airport on one of the last few flights to leave NYC / NJ before hurricane Irene would hit the area. Spending an extra two days at Disney ,our trip would go from 5 days to 7 days due to the storm,  would provide us with some down time at our resort which I did not know I was going to love so much till we got there !  Arriving at the Beach Club was the start of an amazing week. There were so many wonderful people who did great magical things for us on each and every day of our trip . The most magical of all was a chance to be in the Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade in Animal Kingdom . We enjoyed every moment of this trip from the parade to the extra goodies at restaurants , to a ride on the tomorrow land speedway with a huge birthday sign on her car ! We had an amazing time and I was so happy we choose Disney to go to ! (My Katie in from of the castle )sweet16

( Katie , her friend Jeannie , her friend Rachel , me and my sister Lesley  getting ready for the Jammin Jungle Parade ! )sweet16_2



  1. I’ve been thinking we’d sneak away and take our DS for his 10th birthday at WDW. Now to get through the three birthdays between now and then!


  2. Birthdays at WDW are awesome! We celebrated the third week of Oct. so we did both of our kids plus Halloween!!! Thanks for the great article!!


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