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The Old Falls Away and the New is Set in Stone

If you follow my adventures on Facebook (The Relocated Tourist page) you know I just got back from a lovely 10 day trip back to my home state of WI. I wanted to share with you how going home has been working out, and how it helps move forward in my new home here in FL- enjoy!

So this has been my 2nd trip back since we moved over 2 years ago.  The first time I headed to WI was around a year after we left, and it was the strangest feeling being back.  It was the feeling of almost “Wow, life did go on without us there” but it also felt like a strange land.  I felt very much like a visitor in a place that I remembered very well.  Nothing wrong with that, but it definitely didn’t feel like home anymore.

When you are living somewhere, you can get caught up in the feeling of “I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else” but yet when you actually do it and move, it becomes so much bigger than you could dream.  That is where I am right now, this relocation thing we did- it seems so big but yet we are actually doing it. We did it.  Wow, its crazy to think about sometimes.

So when I went back this time, two years later, things were very different to me.  I did get to enjoy my brother getting married, which was awesome and I was so happy for him.  But after that it was time spend in my Appleton and also in Green Bay.  Not only did I not feel connected anymore, but it started to feel like a dream that I had and that when I visited it, only then did I remember everything.

What I am getting at is that if you are a brand new relocator, or if you are struggling to figure out how you can pull it off, I am here to tell you that with time, and ONLY TIME, will it get easier, get better, and the old will fall away to the new that is sincerely set in stone.  I found that while driving around in Appleton with my friends, I found myself thinking “Wow, I was right, there isn’t much to do here.”  Movies, Mall, and that’s about it.  Maybe I have been conditioned to the never ending entertainment that Florida provides, but I think it’s what I needed all along.  Some can do the mundane, I clearly am not meant for that.  It is an amazing and humbling experience when you know what you are and what you are meant for.  Purpose equals strength, and it took relocation for me to find and understand that.

I am thrilled that I was able to go back and enjoy the time with family and friends, but the “longing” I had that first year has slowly faded.  It doesn’t mean I don’t miss and love them, but it means life and home is HERE now, and that’s what I wanted to happen in the first place. But I know how it feels to wonder if moving was the right choice, that what you left was so comfortable that the unknown is the scariest thing on the planet.  I never thought I would shake those feelings, but surprisingly they are pretty much gone.

You know how you can think “Oh my store was so much better where I used to live, or this was so much nicer” and then you experience it again and it’s NOTHING like you thought? Yeah, well that was this trip. I used to think about the Fox River Mall, yet being there was no big deal.  It was actual relieving it happened because I don’t have to wonder anymore about those “old life” things.

While I was in WI, I tried to put myself in the thought process of what it would feel like to move back there and I really hated the thought.  Every time I saw a Disney commercial, a Mickey shirt, or something relating to Florida, I would get home sick.  That’s when I knew, that moment of clear clarity that says “You did the right thing Amy, you live where you should.”  Just another step in this thing called life, and I am happy and blessed I was able to take it.

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  1. It’s so great that I have this blog to turn to when contemplating moving to FL. Great insightful information.


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