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My Review of “Living with the Land”

This is one of those attractions that either people love it or they simply pass by it.  I am a HUGE fan of it because there is just something about it that screams super relaxing. Here is my review, enjoy!LWL6

Located in “The Land” pavilion at Epcot, it’s nestled in the bottom corner, opposite end from “Soarin.”  Since most of the crowd is headed there or to grab a bite to eat at “Sunshine Seasons” it is usually ignored until people start grabbing fastpasses and need something to kill time until they ride.  Because I have rode this a thousand times or more, I have seen it pretty much dead until around lunch.LWL5

What’s the gist of this ride? Well they take you through the eco system of the land and how we can learn to use it more wisely when growing food and other needed essentials.  I know, it does sound boring, but it really isn’t.LWL1

Have you ever walked through a Nature Museum and they have all those cool scenes set up with the animals and such to show you what it would have been like? Well this is something like that for the first half of the ride.  I was and still am a Museum junkie, so when I ride this I feel like I am back at the Milwaukee Public Museum again.  (Besides Disney World, The MPM was my other favorite place on the planet!)  When you can smell the waterfalls and feel the mist, when you can feel the heat of the Desert- it is just a very cool experience to have.LWL2

The boats used to have real Guides on them, but now it is just overall narrated on a speaker system.  I don’t mind it either way, it is my quiet boat ride for chilling out.  But I have to tell you that every time I ride it, I feel bad for the Cast Member who has to sit in the corner before the greenhouse and pretend she/he isn’t uncomfortable every time a boat goes by.LWL3

The Greenhouse is the second part of this ride, and it is spectacular. Ever hear of the phrase “I tried but it died?” Yep, that’s me and my semi-green thumb. So whether you like to plant or just look at them, it is something to see because it is fantastic the ways they have figured out how to grow all the different kinds of food and herbs.

If your kids like aquariums, they have several large tanks of fish farms along with a pen of small alligators.  Pretty much has everything for every age to be interested in- although I think kids get most excited about the banana tree and the nine pound lemons.LWL4

It doesn’t matter which side you sit on, nor which row. But I will give you a heads up that the first row tends to get wet from the waterfall- not drenched, just wet.  The ride also is a longer one than most of the Disney rides, so make sure you plan out your day accordingly with it.

Is it a must see? No, it isn’t. BUT I think it is WORTH seeing and taking the time if you have it to spare. I wouldn’t wait longer than 15 minutes to ride it, and if you have a FP you can spare, then go for it, but unless the line is weaving all the way to Sunshine Seasons, don’t waste the FP on it.  Take the whole family on, as this boat stays the same speed and level the entire time- nothing to worry or fear. Have a great time!

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  1. love the ride–just needs some love—my parents would bury leaves in their garden in 1957 so Japan should of known about it a long time ago….but I do like the ride


  2. We enjoy this one too. Just rode this weekend in fact. Although getting stuck in the greenhouse for 10–15 minutes was a bit of a drag. 😉


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