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Our Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Experience

 Guest Author: Heather Araskiewicz

 Last October my family and some very close friends traveled down to Walt Disney World. Having been to Disney as many times as I have it still amazes me that there are things I still haven’t done. No one in our group had ever attended Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and this year we decided to do it as a group.rsz_mnsshp1

Hands down it was the best special ticket event we have attended at the parks. I know there are tons of blog posts about this event so I thought I would share our personal highlights from the event instead of doing a review of the event itself. The decorations and lighting throughout the park for the event were amazing. We couldn’t stop looking around or taking pictures. Disney is always amazing with their theming and this event is no exception.

This was the first time we had seen the Headless Horseman ride down Main Street and it was amazing. Earlier that evening it had poured and we were worried they would cancel his ride due to the weather but they didn’t. We did hear that the next night the horse fell on the slippery pavement. The Boo-to-You parade is now my favorite. We have seen a lot of the Disney parades and try to stop and watch them during each of our trips. This parade was completely different from any other that we have seen and I can’t wait to go back and see it again.rsz_mnsshp3

While we were waiting for the parade we had a blast meeting the Disney Villains. The fun part was that a member of our group had gotten a Villains shirt and wore it to the event that night. It was a crowd pleaser to say the least.  After a few hours later the younger members of our group headed back to the hotel leaving us adults behind to finish enjoying the event.  We love the Haunted Mansion and we made it a point to stop by there and check it out during the party. We are so glad we did because not only did we get to see the story telling ghost but we got to have our picture taken near the hearse by the photopass photographer. We were thrilled to see a hitchhiking ghost appear in our photos when we got them printedrsz_mnsshp2

Words really can’t express the amount of fun we had trick-or-treating. For a few hours that night the inner child in all of us emerged and boy did they have fun going from candy stop to candy stop that night. I don’t remember trick-or-treating being this fun or provoking as much laughter as this even did. It must have been the magic of Disney. rsz_mnsshp4

Looking back this was an event that our entire group was able to enjoy together. Maybe it was because none of us had been to this event before or it was the fun we had when helping each other pick out Mickey Ears and shirts to wear as our costumes. Regardless of what it was we had a blast and a year later we are still talking about it. Sure we missed some of the events going on during the park that night but we have already said we want to do the event again the next time we go in the fall.

If you are visiting the parks during the fall months I highly recommend this event. It’s absolutely worth the cost of the ticket. Make sure you get some photopass pictures at the event!



  1. Thanks so much for noting how much fun this event is! We had a blast the 1st time in Adventureland and the 2nd year we spent in Tomorrowland and danced with Goofy and friends during a huge dance concert. We still get comments on how awesome our house is on our street because of the flashing skeleton faces in kid windows which are from our Mickey’s Not So Scary experience and our pumpkins have Minnie and Mickey Halloween ears with spotlights on them so the kids in the neighborhood feel a ill’ Disney came to the north.


  2. Thanks for your highlights. We are going for our first MNSSHP next month–just me and my DH! We are very excited. Not sure if we want to “dress up” but maybe some cool t-shirts and Mickey ears would do the trick. Great idea!


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