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My Review of “Spaceship Earth”

One of my top 5 favorite rides in Walt Disney World, well, I should say it used to be until they changed it, was “Spaceship Earth.” Here is my take on this attraction, enjoy!SE2

The first time I heard about this ride was from a friend of my Mom’s. She had just gotten back from Disney World, and was telling us about the ride.  How she explained it had me having heart palpitations “Well you go up and then you come down backwards, and it’s super uncomfortable.” Now, I heard this when I was younger, but it stuck in my head. So by the time I would finally ride it as a teenager, I would be more than freaked out about what this whole “Going backwards” was all about.  I know, so stupid to think about now.SE3

In the older version, you went up in your vehicle through time, got to the top, saw the Earth, and then went backwards down, while looking at the future of communications and technology. I have to say, it was my favorite part.  The kids learning about bees while in class, the Mom digging for dinosaurs talking to her child in a different Country…I could go on and on.  It was cool. It was neat. AND it had me excited for the future of technology.  Granted there were no IPhones in the scenes, but it was just as cool.SE4

Now, when you go backwards, which by the way, it is a VERY SLOW moving ride and the ride up and down are no big deal. HOWEVER I wouldn’t look behind you as you go down, as it can be a bit unnerving to see the winding of cars going down behind you.

What really makes this attraction a “have to” when you visit Epcot is not only the idea of the revolution of ourselves through time, but how the ride is represented.  One of THE most recognized icons in the World,  Spaceship Earth is housed in the “golf ball” that people like to call it.  It is a beautiful thing to see walking into the Park, and it is lit up so gorgeous at night.   I feel it is the coolest icon from any of the Parks, and is so special and so neat that every time I see it I still get goose bumps from just how cool it really is.SE5

It is a must see for all families, and any age can ride it.  I don’t know if I would sit little children along together on it, or even if they will let you, because it is a longer ride and you can’t do much if they need something while in a row ahead or behind you- you are basically stuck until the ride is over.SE1

I rode it this past week for a refresher, and they have now added the “Fastpass Plus” to it so you can choose this as one of your options to walk on faster.  A word of advice, I wouldn’t waste you FP Plus option on this attraction because most of the time this is a walk on or a VERY small wait.  If there is a line in the morning, and usually there is because it’s the first ride you see as you walk in, then try it after lunch and honestly anything later than that should be a walk on (most are in World Showcase in the afternoon).SE6

Once you get off the ride, there are several things to do before leaving this building.  Try your hand at one of the many game options, or find your picture on the computer screen and send it to yourself via email.  If you choose this option, you will then see it on the wall on either side of the globe with the faces on it.  A fun freebie to remember the ride!SE7

As much as the ride has changed, I will still love it because there is just something about smelling Rome burning that brings back memories of trips past.  I have been blessed to ride it with so many friends and family members, that it will always be a favorite in my heart.

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  1. I mean, Why u said the ride has changed?! I’ve been riding hundreds of times since 2009 and its the same! The course is the same, the smell of fire from the Great Library of Alexandria (not Rome) is the same, and all the rest is the same! ??? =S So i didnt get what u said…


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