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My Review of Disney’s “Haunted Mansion”

I have always loved spooky things and movies, I’m not really sure why, but it always peaked my interest.  I went to the haunted houses in town growing up, so of course when  I heard Disney had their own, I was all for it. Enjoy my review of this beloved attraction!

I was thinking about this the other day, how many teenagers must come into the Park thinking it’s REALLY a scary attraction? I almost feel bad it isn’t something out of Halloween Horror Nights for all those who love a good scary house, but this is Disney, and it is meant for all ages- so if you are looking for something scarier, this isn’t it.  It is quite tame, and honestly, even the little ones can enjoy it because it really has nothing in it that will “scare.” (Ok well maybe the scary ghost pictures in the hallway, those always creep me out!)rsz_hm001a_2

Back in 1991, the first time I rode it, the only thing that got my heart pumping was the screaming heads that popped out in the Cemetery which is the final scene in the attraction.  You never knew when they would pop up, but other than that, it was always just a cool ride to experience.rsz_hm005a

They have had many updates to this attraction, including a fastpass lane and a Cemetery outside that you can interact with different items.  The ring is still cemented in the ground, but you really have to look for it and you can only see it if you walk through the Cemetery ending.   If you are able to FP this, I don’t know if I would recommend doing so because half the fun is playing with the stuff outside before going in. If you are on a strict schedule, then I would, but it doesn’t add that much time to enjoy the extras.rsz_hm003a

As  you get in the first room with the picture of the creepy guy, make sure you hang back long enough to see on his forehead the face of Jack Skellington.  Next is the infamous stretching room, and if you want to get ahead of everyone else, stand under the girl on the tight rope- she is over the door that lets you into the next section.  If your kids, or you, don’t want to see someone hanging from the ceiling, once the lights go out in the stretching room just close your eyes until you “hear” the body fall and the lights come back up.

Once you get into the Doom Buggy loading area, KEEP YOUR PARTY TOGETHER! When this attraction is busy, this area gets incredibly congested. Hold hands, whatever, to keep everyone together before getting in the line- once you are in line the queue roped area, there is no “waiting for my party” area- you are getting on with them or alone.rsz_hm006a

I love this ride.  There is so much to look at that you could ride it a hundred times and not catch it all. I am no expert, this is just my review, but I have found that with every visit I have found something new. Yeah, seriously.   Like, did you know there are hanging feet over the top of your doom buggy when you are looking down into the ballroom?  As you get to the center of that track, look down on the ground and you will catch the shadow of hanging feet.  Or did you know that all the men she married, then killed, she wears a pearl necklace for each one and put their heads in the hat boxes that sit across from her in the attic?  I always want the ride to get stuck there so I can look around and play.  It is BY FAR my favorite room of the Haunted Mansion.

From the hidden Donald Ducks on the chairs, to the Jack Skellington books on the floor and in the attic, the little things are what Disney does best.

Some things to consider when riding this are that there are to be NO flash pictures whatsoever and here is why- when you use the flash, it lights up everything that Disney is trying to create in the dark.  So please don’t ruin the magic for others, the picture isn’t worth it.   (That goes for ALL dark rides and attractions).   If your little ones are terrified of ghosts and the like, have them see it on You Tube first, like all attractions, so they know what to expect if they are teetering on trying it.

When you walk out, check out the Pet Cemetery on the left before leaving this area.  Again, always look for the things that are “out of the way” because they are usually the coolest ones.  When people ask me what there is to ride, and what you CAN’T MISS in the Magic Kingdom, this is always in my top 5.  Check it out, “There’s always room for one more.”

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  1. We have always loved this ride, even more so now with the addition of the interactive area in the line before going in to ride. This is also a ride that someone in a wheelchair can use, although they must be able to transfer. Disney is great about stopping the ride to make the transfer easier. The ride has sooo many things to see. No matter how many times we have ridden this, we find something new to explore.

    You mentioned about little ones not being scared. I can still remember taking my little ones on this back in 1987 (we went to the one in Disneyland). Since I have 3 children, all very close together in age, our party needed to split up. Dad took the two girls, and I had my son. My daughters were the first to load up… had her head buried in Dad’s lap and the other hid her head behind Dad’s back. My son and I could hear them saying “Dad, are the ghosts gone yet….is the ride over?” We were laughing and laughing. A CM, thinking that WE were the ones making the racket popped his head into OUR doom buggy and asked “Is everything OK??” Scared us so much….and all these years later we always wonder if someone will once again “Pop” their head in to see if we are OK inside our doom buggy.

    So, the next time you are riding in a Doom Buggy and you are asked to remain quietly seated….it is probably because WE (or someone else) are making a transfer from the wheelchair to a Doom Buggy.


  2. I remember before the refurb of 2007 when going up the ramp that now is the stairs going everywhere once housed a giant spider with little spiders and the ghosts in the attic would pop up with the old bride holding her candle and you could see her red heart beating. Both Haunted Mansions in America have different style mansions,just a little history… In Jim Thorpe,PA Walt Disney came to this area and in upstate New York where stately mansions are to get some idea as to the design he wanted. In Jim Thorpe were the first of those ideas from the Harry and Asa Packer Mansions. He then decided to use the one for Disneyland in Baltimore which reminded him of the mansions in New Orleans and the Dutch Gothic Style Mansion in PA. We are Haunted Mansion Geeks as well as Disney…. The portrait of Master Gracey is a portrait from when he was young that over time reveals his skeleton,not that of Jack Skellington. Jack Skellington however get his due in Disneyland’s Mansion ” Haunted Mansion Overlay” where the entire attraction in and out is decorated into Nightmare Before Christmas from September thru January. It will never make its apperance at WDW Mansion via a Walt Disney Imagineer. Jack and Sally Characters will make their first ever apperance though via Mickey’s Not so scary Halloween Party for Meet n Greets. The shadowed feet you mentioned in the Ballroom is from the pepper ghost illusion both above and below the ride.


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