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My Review of “Dinosaur”

….and you’re going to hear me “Roar!” Ok, so it’s not the Katy Perry song, nor is it a lion, but it was what was playing in my head the last time I rode this ride.  I am a huge fan of this attraction, so let’s jump right in!Dino6

No one can really prepare you for “Dinosaur” unless you have ridden “Indiana Jones” in California.  How do you describe it? Well it’s a big jeep, three rows that contain four seats across, and it moves along on a track.  Oh, and it’s kind of bumpy. Well, it’s A LOT bumpy.  This is one of those rides that people love or hate, not much in between because it is either a thrill for some or a reason to see a chiropractor for others. Yeah, it’s that crazy.Dino1

Why is it fun? Well, it’s a different kind of ride. Your car is moving while you are moving on the track, and all the time you are passing Dinosaurs. Think of it as going through a crazy ride through your public museum.  I love it- I love the speed, the dark, the bumps, and the giant crazy ending to it (which I won’t give away for those of you who haven’t ridden yet).Dino3

Now, who is this ride for? Well, if you get motion sickness, I could see this being a problem.  The car being in and out of the complete darkness can be disorienting, add a strobe light like effect at the end and beginning, and it could easily trigger migraines or seizures.  Is it enough that you could just close your eyes? Depends on what your level of tolerance is.Dino4

I loved it right away, but I think for little ones it can be terrifying. Maybe even for big ones too.  But it is so much fun, and it’s a great thrill ride for those of us who aren’t big on heights or extreme coasters.  I rarely fastpass it, as this is another attraction that isn’t a long wait even if it says so.  But if you want to FP it, it is located on the right towards the back of the large dinosaur as you are walking up to the attraction.Dino5

The queue is one of the coolest, literally it’s like a fridge in there, and is a very cool look into the “Dino Institute” that you are supposedly walking through.  There is a small pre-show in the Dino room, then the next preshow where we spend time with our favorite Cosby, and then it’s time for our trip back in time!  This is another ride you MUST keep your party together after the hallway because there is a left and right on the staircase and they like to keep the line moving (so does everyone else) so just keep that in mind.

There is no “golden” row  or seat to pick that is THE best one, but I can tell you from experience that the back row is a heck of a lot bumpier than the middle and first. It also seems to be louder in the back, so if you are sensitive to noise, it’s something to think about. Also the climb up as you go “Back in time” has the loudest, most annoying screech noise that even I try to plug my ears on every time.

It has a ride photo spot so have your photopasses ready after you exit, just remember the number that is associated with your picture.  This shot is always a funny one since where they take it comes out of nowhere after being in the pitch dark bumping around for awhile.  If you have little ones who love anything to do with Dinos, the ride exit spills into a gift shop which has everything Dino imaginable.  A couple other small spots in Dinoland have merchandise as well, but keep in mind that the Dino merchandise can ONLY be found in Animal Kingdom- not any of the other Parks or Downtown Disney.

I always ride this and Safari when I visit Animal Kingdom, it’s the perfect combo of calm and peaceful to exciting and thrilling.  I hope you try it out once and go back in the age of the Dinosaur! What could go wrong?



  1. I enjoy the ride quite a bit. It CAN be a lurching experience, and once when I rode it with a pulled muscle in my back, there were a couple of painful moments. Because the time rover’s lurching movements are an internal function of the vehicle itself, around an axis point in the center of the truck, the least-extreme movements will be felt nearest the center point. The rear corners, on the other hand, will be subject to the most extreme jolts.

    I prefer the original name for this attraction, “Countdown to Extinction.” Just has a better ring to it, with an obvious suggestion of impending doom.

    I first rode it probably no more than than a year after the park opened, and even then there were some effects that weren’t working and never have, in my experience. For example, the pteranodon you encounter overhead is at the forward end of what appears to be a slot in the ceiling, so I’m fairly certain it once swooped toward the vehicle as you heard its cry. In the same section, there are compsognathus on horizontal wires that are obviously meant to be leaping above the vehicle from right to left. They are frozen in place. I had recently heard that one of the long-stagnant effects in the ride had been seen suddenly operational again, but I can’t remember which it was or whether it was one of these in particular. Does anyone out there ever remember seeing either of these effects in operation, and does anyone know when and/or why they were turned off?


  2. Hmmm–I love Indy in DL but Expedition Everest left me reeling for 4 hours. Perhaps I should give it a whirl.


  3. The last time I rode it one year ago, it seemed less bumpy than in previous years. Have they toned it down?


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