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My Review of the “Great Movie Ride”

So the first time I rode this, there was no huge “Sorcerer Hat” hiding it from view- it was actually at the end of the Boulevard as it was supposed to be. See when you walk into Studios, it is meant to be like you are walking into a big movie premiere. Walking down the main boulevard is like walking the red carpet, and then the Theater would be at the end, ready for your arrival!  Since the hat moved in, well, you just don’t see much of this beautiful place until you walk behind it.  Here’s my review, enjoy!gmr1

When I first left Disney property, after my first vacation there, one of the things that always stuck with me was the “Great Movie Ride.” Not knowing much about it when I first rode it in 1991, I was amazed by all the sights and sounds that this ride provided.  We all have that link, that memory we attach to movies, music, and television. So riding this is like paging through a scrapbook for me, and seeing all the movies that I watched with certain friends and family over the years.

Now, I have never seen any of the older movies (on my bucket list to accomplish) but once we got into Mary Poppins, all I could think about was the times I had seen it with my Mom.  The gangster area actually makes me always think about Universal Studios “King Kong” because of the old look of the streets, and how I screamed the first time I rode it and how funny my Dad thought it was.  The Old West scenes remind me of my Mom and Bob, and how much they love to watch the Westerns, even to this day.   “Alien” reminds me of my brother, and how we would watch it when we weren’t supposed to, while Indiana Jones reminded me of my family watching it around the TV with our VCR. (Remember those? LOL)

But the movie that gets to me the most, the one that grabs my heart and squeezes it with such warmth, is the “Wizard of Oz” and our trip to Munchkinland.  You have to understand, my Mom, brother, and myself would watch it every year when CBS played it on TV- it’s a memory we each have and hold near and dear to our heart.  The same year I would see this on the “Great Movie Ride” I had gotten the part of “Dorothy” in our High School play of “The Wizard of Oz.”   It was a “full circle” moment to ride it with my Mom and Brother, and every single time I have rode it since, they are ALWAYS on my mind.

“The Great Movie Ride” is family friendly and is definitely a “not-miss” when visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios.   The wait can be lengthy at times, but don’t get scared about it when seeing the movie screen room filled with people. There are two lines going usually at the same time, and they maze side by side together.  With the new “Fastpass Plus” as well here, you can use it, but this ride wait is usually no more than 20 minutes on a busy day.  With the movie memorabilia in the lobby, and the movie clips to watch in the screen room, the wait goes by very quickly.

Now is it for all ages?  I’m going to say because of “Alien” and the Mummy’s that live in this ride, no.  I would say 8 and up is a safe bet- OR cover their eyes on these parts, but whether it’s the scary stuff or the normal stuff, little ones may get scared or bored.  It’s slow moving, there are no drops or twists, just a couple of surprises with some of the most talented Cast Members out there. It’s a good 20 minutes, so keep that in mind when riding It if you have dining reservations and I have found that this ride has never broken down on me.

Although I sincerely LOVE this ride, it is in much need of some TLC.  The movie clips that play at the end haven’t been updated in years, and to keep with the subject of Movies, there are so many fun ones they could add.  I look forward to what’s next for the “Great Movie Ride” but I hope they always keep Munchkinland.

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  1. I like this one and seeing the oldies come to life but i do think they could update a few of the scenes to more current films that younger kids/teens would know now! 🙂 Great review.


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