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My Review of “Toy Story Mania”

If you have ever been to Disney’s Hollywood Studios at open, you have been a part of the mob that walks “briskly” towards the right hand side of the Park, past the large blue Sorcerer hat.  Where are they all going in such a hurry? Well every Park has these “doorbuster” type attractions that are best tackled first thing in the morning, because otherwise you will be waiting for some time, from later afternoon on.  So let’s all become the size of Army Men, don our 3-D glasses, and play- this is my review of “Toy Story Mania.”TSM1

When I plan out my Park mornings, I have that “go to” attraction for each one. TSM is that one for Studios because I don’t ride Tower of Terror much or Rock N Rollercoaster.  I know that getting to this at opening or very short after, will guarantee me a walk on or a very small wait. Again, you always have to remember that fastpasses don’t kick in until a half hour after the Park has opened, so the stand-by line is actually the true line.  Because this ride fastpasses out CRAZY early in the day, I advise everyone to FP it first and then get in line- then it’s a treat to get two rides in for the day.  If you wait until after you ride, your wait time for the FP ride may have drastically increased because it just IS that popular!TSM2

What I love about this ride is that it is so family friendly, although I don’t think I would take tiny ones on it because it does spin and there isn’t a lot of wiggle room to hold them if that was needed.  The cars sit two comfortably, although I have seen three, but there are only two guns to use so keep that in mind.   I haven’t found if sitting on the left or right is an advantage at all, I just sit wherever I feel when I get in. TSM4

The key to getting a high score on this is a couple of things, that “I” have personally found that works.  First off, when you get to the first screen which is a practice screen, try shooting not more than a couple of times to make sure the gun works- that’s it!  The reason being is that you don’t want to wear your hand/wrist out before ever getting to the points that count.  Second, it’s “how” you shoot that will give you energy for the entire game.  Don’t pull it with your fingers on top of it, but pull it with two fingers towards you, like you are motioning someone to come over to you. It is easier on your wrist, and the other method seems to always wear me out when I try it.TSM5

Attractions like these are great because they get you to ride over and over again.  It’s in each of us to want to better ourselves, and pretty much everyone likes a competition.   I know that I personally enjoy it because I am always trying to break my high score, and who doesn’t like walking through the queue of Lincoln Logs and Viewfinders- it’s never a bad thing to be a toy for a few minutes.

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  1. This is a MUST for each each time we visit Hollywood Studios. We wait for the special car that allows wheelchairs and my Daughter rolls right on (usually with Dad). My other special needs daughter and I take the opposing seats. It is fun to watch my girls try their hardest to hit all of the targets while pulling that string for all they are worth, being careful not to pull too hard and break a bone (she has Brittle Bone syndrome). I love seeing both the girls with their tongues hanging out and competing against each other. We never manage to rack up many points….but the girls feel as if they have won a super prize just seeing their scores appear…and Abbey usually manages to win (not sure if her older sister allows this or not). Such a fun ride for the entire family.


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