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My Review of “Star Tours”

Let me start by saying that I LOVE “Star Wars”- I mean, come on, who doesn’t? It baffles me to this day why Lucas didn’t build his own Star Wars themed Park when it would have KILLED with how popular it was and still IS to this day.  “Star Wars Weekends” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios are proof that it continues to go full steam as time passes by.  Rumors have been swirling for months now that “Star Wars Land” will be coming to nest at Studios, but only until Disney officially announces can we start to really get super excited about it. So until that day, we have the weekends in May, and of course, Star Tours.SW1

I rode this for the first time in 1991, and it was one of the most exciting rides of my first vacation.  I loved seeing the X-Wing Fighter laying at the feet of the At-At with Endor sitting behind that.  I had never seen Star Wars brought to life before, and it did not disappoint!  While you walked under the Ewok’s village, you could hear them chatting above you and then at night it was even more spectacular and imaginative.  This corner of Studios became a treasure trove of galactic goodness.SW3

If you have never ridden it, it is a large simulator vehicle that you ride while experiencing 3D effects.   With the new version in place now, they have fifty different storylines you can experience on the ride.  I have gotten many, but not all fifty. And I won’t ever find out what I’m missing for the biggest reason being that as I get older, I really can’t handle that ride anymore. They have air conditioning and fans running inside the vehicles, but if you get any kind of motion sickness, this ride can mess with your head. I have been fine on one ride, but the next felt I needed to throw up the minute I got off.  I have felt better sitting in the front row, but being in the far back and seeing everyone move with the ride, that’s when it gets me sick.SW2SW7

This is definitely one of those “Not Miss” attractions because it is just way to awesome not to try at least once.  If your party wants to ride and you don’t, they have a built in “Bypass Hallway” that’s the Death Star Chicken Exit. Sadly I have walked the shame in it.  But I didn’t feel sick after walking in it, so I was good.   This does have a Fastpass Plus and regular FP area, and it’s always best to go for it since this ride is usually busy and the wait times can be lengthy.  I will say though that the waiting area is amazing and definitely is great eye candy while waiting to go on, PLUS, it IS air conditioned- and you would be surprised how fast you long for anything cold when walking from ride to ride in WDW.SW5

It isn’t meant for wee little ones, as this is a very bumpy and intense attraction. Add to your Star Wars fun and enroll your kids in the “Jedi Training Academy” first thing in the morning after Park opening.  Once you exit the ride, you will be in the only Star Wars shop on Disney Property.  You may see other merch around the Park, but this Store is the only one specific to Star Wars.  Can’t beat the theming in this entire area of Studios, don’t miss out on it. May the force be with you!SW4 SW9 SW8 SW6

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  1. This is indeed a great ride. I concur that it is not for someone who is not in the best of health or for someone who is older (even if they are young at heart). This is a ride I do when my Hubs is with me or I do when I take solo trips. We never know what to expect–and being selected as the “spy” is funny too. Great write up.


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