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Letting Go of the Fear

It is only human to be scared of something. I am scared of many things, but when it came to relocating, I was terrified.  Would I ever find new friends, a good home, good school, and be ok? Would I JUST be okay?  I am here to be the gut most honest with you because it will only help those moving forward on relocating, or life, that I am here to tell you that everything WILL be ok.  You just have to let go of the fear.

What do I mean? I have been living in Florida now for a little over 2 years.  I have experienced my highs, and my lows, but fear seemed to always have a grip on me in certain areas of my life.  Ok I said I would be totally honest, so I should say that fear ruled ALL areas of my life when we moved here.  Not knowing an outcome, the ending to your story, is just really frightening.

School is an obvious one because you can’t control what happens there- will they like your kids, will your kids excel, will they make friends?  Then add the fear of wondering how they will adapt to their surroundings as much as you are trying to as well.  Add a new job, settling in a new house, and then the fear of the social game and you have one giant ball of nerves on your hand.

And then one day… I let go of the fear.  Do you realize how MUCH we can all get done when we let go of it? Think of everything you have dealt with in your life and how fear has played such a huge role in it- what would have the outcomes been had it not?  I am betting that for many, they would have been drastically different- I know mine might have.

It was almost like a light bulb went on, and whatever I was fearing, or feeling, I just let it go.  What was I so scared of? If someone doesn’t like me, who cares- it means God weeded out the people who are meant to be in my life from those who shouldn’t be.  If I wasn’t invited to something, why worry? I have such peace that I am meant to be where I am meant to be- if I don’t get to something I would like to be at, it only means that my path is pointed in another direction.   From any of the stressors of moving, schools, jobs, etc.. I had this overwhelming calm come over me that none of it matters.   Being scared of the outcomes doesn’t change it, it just stressed me out until whatever happened anyways. You just learn to literally “Go with the Flow” and see what happens next.akmickey

I have also learned that not everything is as bad as it may seem- from the smallest to the biggest.  Staying positive and replacing the fear with strength has changed my life.  I know that having Christ within me should have always kept me fearless, but I am human, and it will still knock on my door from time to time.  Knowing that whatever crosses my path I can handle is something just mind blowing to me, and I hope that all of you who are relocating or have relocated can be just as fearless and live like you know the last page of your story.   I did, I have, and it will make your life one amazing ride!

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  1. Thank you Amy! You always seem to post the perfect inspirational message for us at just the right time 🙂 We too know that we should stop worrying and being afraid of the unknown — of what’s to come. Of course there is no sense in worrying about something you have no idea about. But it’s much easier said and done, with so many details – many difficult – that need to come together in order for us to relocate. We will try harder to let go of the fear, so that we can instead enjoy the journey – thank you!


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