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Disney Parks Blog Treat-Up

I am always happy when I make the list of a blog meet because it means that I will get to experience and enjoy something that I may not have normally, and this one was a whopper of a treat!   Follow me along on an evening of sweet moments as I scare up the memories from this past Friday, enjoy!MNSSHP7

Friday the 13th, a night for superstitions and scary delights -perfect for not only a Blog Meet-Up, but also for a Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.  I will be focusing on the Meet-Up on this post, but watch for my highlights and review of MNSSHP coming this week.  Wendy and I were pumped- you can’t argue a free ticket to MNSSHP, I don’t care how many times you have gone.MNSSHP34

We got there early at 4:30 p.m. to the entrance to the Magic Kingdom, and the line to check in for the Treat-Up was only a few people deep. The email for the event said we should get there by 4:30 so that we could get the free posters they would be handing out. Now, I had no clue if these posters were going to be 16×20, 8×10, etc… so I went into it thinking that if we got them, awesome, but if not, no big thing. Well, I take that back now.  I was given tickets when we checked-in for the posters, which I thought meant we were guaranteed the posters. (It was a first come, first serve situation).  So when we got back to “Tomorrowland Terrace,” where the event was being held, we were asked to give the tickets to one of the gals and it was for getting each poster (yes, plural posters) SIGNED by the Disney Artist themselves who were PRESENT at the Event.  (Insert my Disney geek out here.) !!!!!  They were even clever with how to keep them nice the rest of the night, a poster tube with top.MNSSHP8 MNSSHP9 MNSSHP10 MNSSHP11

If the posters weren’t cool enough, they had magicians walking around entertaining everyone AND they were doing digital caricatures of random people who got in line early enough.  I will say though that they say the event starts at 6:00 p.m., but a lot of the exciting early stuff happened well before that, so it’s my best advice to always go early to these events- you never know what could happen.MNSSHP12MNSSHP25 MNSSHP13

Lots of fun people dressed up in costumes walking around, including the Pixar lamp! They opened up the bottom level for the refreshments portion of the Treat-Up and we grabbed a table near the front so we could see and hear the presentation well enough.  When I tell you the FREE stuff they were handing out, I wished I had brought in a larger bag to just somehow take it all home with me. FREE Mickey Ice Cream Bars, Mickey Rice Krispie Treats, Mickey Pretzles, Halloween cookies, soda, water, punch, and lots of fresh fruit.  There was even a table full of free bags of peanuts, nutria grain bars, and trail mix.  It. Was. Heaven.MNSSHP15MNSSHP14

After a well earned sugar coma was in place, the Disney Parks Blog team discussed what was new with the Party this year and what we had in store for the evening. First, they announced we were getting to tour  “Princess Fairytale Hall” which I squealed at.  But then they closed with “Each of you are getting a free pair of “Glow with the Show” ears and everyone cheered!  Hey, free stuff is free stuff- and when it’s something you wanted to buy anyways, it’s a bonus!  We were told we could come back for the VIP seating for “Hallowishes” in the same spot, and enjoy more fun edible goodies- score again! So as we exited, we each got out ears and a bag full of Halloween candy- score again!MNSSHP16

You know when you get so excited you don’t know what to do first? That was me on Friday night because the Treat-Up was already so fun, I almost forgot it was MNSSHP going on!  After grabbing a free Coke, we headed to “Princess Fairytale Hall” where we got in line asap to meet Rapunzel and Snow White. The other side had Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty- it was so easy who to choose because “Tangled” is a near and dear movie to our family’s journey to FL so ANY time I see her it brings tears to my eyes. To hear about the Hall, and see pictures, click HERE.MNSSHP2

The Treat-Up was wrapped up with the VIP seating, where they hold the Dessert Parties, and it was nothing but perfect! With free Cheetos, Coke, and our Glow ears on, we watched Hallowishes with the biggest smiles you can imagine. (Funniest moment was trying to sync our ears together, my tapping each others ears together- just imagine people smacking their heads together- hilarious). It was one of THE best Meet-Ups I have ever attended, so a HUGE thank you to the Disney Parks Blog- you put on one awesome event!

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