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The New “Princess Fairytale Hall” at Magic Kingdom

I was blessed with an opportunity to see the new “Princess Fairytale Hall” located in Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom this past Friday evening- I was excited beyond words!MNSSHP17

THE HALL IS GORGEOUS!!  I am talking it has that regal, and very important feeling to it- like the first time I walked into “Be Our Guest.”  I felt like I was somewhere very special, and it still had the “new” smell.   From the light fixtures to the stain glass window images, everything was perfect.MNSSHP31 MNSSHP35

Everyone lines up outside first, and then comes again together again in the main hall with the Princess pictures on the walls.MNSSHP18 MNSSHP21

You break off right or left at this BEAUTIFUL glass slipper in the middle, and then you are in the room where the two Princesses you chose are waiting.  I am not sure of how they will choose who is where each day, but I couldn’t be happier at that moment to see Rapunzel.MNSSHP29 MNSSHP28 MNSSHP27 MNSSHP26

Wendy and I chatted with her, and we talked about the move to FL and what she means to me and of course I got teary eyed, and Wendy got teary eyed, and Rapunzel hugged me.

Snow White was great too, and they are spaced out like they have been in the past. You exit down another hallway and you are back outside.  I did have a moment of silence for the “Snow White ride” that used to live there…. “She’s getting away” was always my favorite line to hear.MNSSHP36MNSSHP30

Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!


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