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My Review of “Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party” on Friday the 13th


Nothing says Fall in Florida than the arrival of MNSSHP- I mean, who doesn’t love trick or treating among the shadow of the most famous Castle in the World?  Here is my review of this year’s party, enjoy!MNSSHP6

As a reminder, you can ALWAYS check-in with your party ticket starting at 4:00 p.m., even though the party says it’s at 7:00.  What DOES happen at 7 is they start to sweep the park of the “lurkers” who haven’t paid for the party, and all of the events begin. You will know that hour when you hear the Ghost Host come over the Park’s speakers and begin to chat about the night- and then everything becomes spooky and it’s time for the fun!MNSSHP37

I was at special event before the Party started where the directors of the MNSSHP explained what would be new at this year’s. First off Jack and Sally from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” are here this year and can be found in the front small garden area next to the Town Hall.  Club 626 turns into a “Monstrous Scream-o-Ween Ball” in Tomorrowland where you can dance with your favorite Monsters Inc Characters.   A few new fun treats were out this year, and some new candy corn floats were in the parade.   Last but not least, the popcorn bucket this year is Mickey as one of the hitchhiking ghosts from Disney’s Haunted Mansion – filled to the brim with the best popcorn around, this is a great snack and souvenir at $12.MNSSHP45

I thought for a Friday night party, this was an empty and uncrowded one.  Now, keep in mind the Villains bash was going on at Studios, but it was a Friday also in September and I believe maybe the 2nd or 3rd Party of the Season.   The trick-or-treat bags given out this year have the “Muppets” and “Frozen” on them, but they were also selling the Mickey pumpkins at the entrance (for candy) as well.  The Park Map is always a must to grab, as it will let you know where to find the candy but also the parade and show times.  Make sure when they put your band on your wrist that they bend over the end when they snap it so you aren’t being poked or scratched all night with the excess strap.

Because it was pretty dead, there wasn’t really anything to rush too.  We HAD to try out the special treats for the night, so we had the Candy Corn Soft Serve first from Storybook Treats which is located across from the NEW Fantasyland area.  It tasted like a dreamsicle with candy candy corn sprinkles- delicious but what a mess they will make in the humidity and heat of FL.  I wouldn’t suggest it unless it’s cooler out and you aren’t already carrying a bag of candy ( it gets hard to hold everything after awhile).MNSSHP40

We headed on over to Gaston’s Tavern to try the “Ghost Cupcake” next.  The cupcake was vanilla and that part was VERY good, but the ghost was made up of thick sugar on top of marshmallow and when we tried just the ghost part, it was WAAAAAAAAY to sweet.  Cake good, Ghost bad.MNSSHP55

The Seven Dwarves were outside of the NEW Fantasyland Entrance this year, and the line was about an hour wait.   Pooh and the Gang were all dressed up for Halloween and were in their spot near the Pooh attraction, while Mad Hatter was hanging outside in front of the Tea Cups across from Cosmic Rays.  I was able to walk right up to him with no wait.  Donald and Daisy were all dressed up and hanging out in front of Dumbo back in Storybook Circus- their wait was VERY small as well.

The Trick or Treat lines were very little to no wait, and we were in and out in minutes on each one.  The lane from Storybook Circus to Tomorrowland has to be walked from the Tomorrowland side to the Circus entrance, they will NOT let you walk the other way. It Is a NOT MISS as there are 4 spots to grab candy along the way here, PLUS, a side note, the weird looking playing cards that used to be standing on the lawn here are not here this year.MNSSHP39

The Candy spot located in Storybook Circus is actually hidden, we had to look for awhile to find it. The light for it is near the Casey Water play area, but the candy station is located near the FP area back in the corner.   Also a side note that they did NOT have the lane of candy near Splash Mountain this year, and no Cinderella Carriage either (where the Tangled Toilets are now).MNSSHP44

Wendy I checked out the Dance Party that was now reimagined to be the “Monstrous Scream-O-Ween Ball” and basically it is the same thing they had at Studios BUT Sully and Mike are down in the crowd to dance. Boo and others are supposed to make an appearance, but I wasn’t there when they came out.  Again, the dance area was quite empty.MNSSHP43

After the AMAZING Hallowishes fireworks, we headed to grab a seat for the second parade.  On the way we grabbed popcorn in the Mickey holder and a Spiced Pumpkin Waffle Sundae from Sleepy Hollow (line was a bit long but doable). We were able to get first row seating in Frontierland about 10 minutes before (thanks Jeff and Erica!), CLEARLY, it is the less crowded parade.  It was the perfect spot because we saw everything, and we were close to the dance party with Woody and Jessie located in the Diamond Horseshoe. We headed on in there just as “Always a Good Time” came on and Wendy and I tore it up – TOO FUN!!MNSSHP52 MNSSHP51 MNSSHP50MNSSHP46

Here’s the thing about MNSSHP, you either can stick to a schedule, because of course you want to get your money’s worth but you can also just go from one land to another and see what cool things are happening.   We just kind of went around and did whatever we saw- even had time to grab the special Sorcerer Card with the Hitchhiking Ghosts on it.  They have the Fire Station and the Liberty Square posts open for picking up the card.MNSSHP38

One of my FAVORITE things to do during the party is visiting the ghostly sisters who hang out in front of the “Haunted Mansion.”  Since I had just been at 2 blogging events in one week, I noticed that our ghostly gal sitting up there looked very familiar- and who knew, SHE is Mya Space as well! (She was the entertainment at the CA Grill meet up!)  She recognized Wendy and I so we had a nice and silly chat- love her to DEATH!  (rim shot please!)

I can’t stress enough of FUN this event is and how it is SO worth the money!  The people watching alone is a great time, so many fun costumes this year.  My favorite was someone who came as the Magicband- genius!!MNSSHP53

If someone asked me would it be worth going in September, I would say yes but that you have to be prepared for the heat and humidity.  It’s also key on costume choice, as it can get hard to enjoy much of anything when you are sweating to death even after the sun has gone down.  I loved it, I had a great time, and everyone should try it once.  Check out the tips below and have a great time. Boo to you, Happy Halloween!!


*Bring a larger bag, pumpkin, whatever to hold your candy in- the bags they give you are small. You can find cute Disney bags and pumpkins at the local Walgreens, CVS, Target and Walmart here in Orlando.

*You will get A LOT of candy, keep that in mind that you don’t want to attend a Party at the end of your vacation when you will have nowhere to pack, bring, etc. all the candy you received.

*Any Characters you want to check out, make sure to get IN line before 11:30 p.m., as the line will close by then even though they are out until midnight.  I found this out the hard way with the Dwarves and Pooh and the Gang.

*Hallowishes has what are called “Perimeter” fireworks and can best be seen further away from the Castle, down Main Street U.S.A. or if you want to be in the middle of them, you can stand in the hub.

*Prime seating for the parades can be found in Frontierland and Liberty Square because most fight for the Main Street USA and Castle curbs. Handicapped seating is in front of the Liberty Bell.

*First Parade is always more crowded than the second one.

*Be ready with your camera before the parade officially starts, as the Headless Horseman riding by is something not to be missed and ONLY happens at MNSSHP!

*If you are planning on picking up the special Party Sorcerer Card, you MUST have your MNSSHP ticket on you as they will ask to see it- your Annual Pass or anything else will NOT be accepted.

*You can go through the Candy Stations as many times as you want.

*If you are able to go to the Magic Kingdom and ride the rides another time, do so. You want to make sure you get everything you want done that is party specific.  5 hours goes much faster than you think!

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  1. Amy, I have to say that MNSSHP is probably the best party I have attended. I have done several others including the Christmas Party but Halloween was the best and is my favorite. thanks for the great description.DizneyDad


  2. So if frontierland is not offering candy at splash mountain, has it been moved to another site? And where are the surprise treat locations?


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