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Our 20th Anniversary Weekend at Walt Disney World

High School sweethearts, we fell in love and were married a year after we graduated.  I knew he was the one the minute I set eyes on him- I had not only butterflies, but this sense of warmth that I belonged with him.  We were married in a small ceremony with our parents attending, and then a small dinner afterwards. No huge wedding, no reception, it was just about us making a commitment to each other, God, and our family that day.  Even though from time to time I have looked back at that moment and wished that I had had the big wedding, over time I am so happy that I didn’t.  Too many these days worry about the party, and not enough about the life that is after it.  We dove right in, and I am so happy we did.  20 years is a big deal to get too, and so when we discussed what we should do, it was always something on Disney Property.  Craig decided to take it on as his personal task to plan out the entire celebration, and here is what he surprised me with… enjoy!Anniv1 Anniv3

We left at 10 a.m. Saturday, Magicbands (Read about our full detailed experience with Magicbands HERE) on and bound for a day at Magic Kingdom. I was super excited to be able to have alone, uninterrupted time with my true love in such a magical place.  We grabbed our buttons, I wrote the”20” on them, and we were on our way to the Castle for one of many Photopass pictures we would get taken.  On our way we ran into the folks on Main Street USA who sang us a song and made us feel super special.Anniv2 Anniv10

We grabbed Caseys for lunch, because their hot dogs rock, and headed on over to visit Princess Tiana since she had no line. Our first FP Plus choice was “Peter Pan’s Flight” and since it is “our” ride, we felt it was only appropriate to ride it first on our special day.  After a visit with Gaston, who is just spectacular, we headed onto Peter Pan with the ease of the MB we were on in minutes through the FP Plus line.  Interestingly enough, we could still use our hard AP pass to Fastpass as well.  We used our hard pass to FP “Journey Under the Sea” and it worked out great!Anniv9Anniv7

After hitting two awesome rides, the heat was getting to us. It was a very heavy humid day, so we hydrated more than we usually do. We stopped at the new stand across from Little Mermaid and grabbed frozen lemonades to drink while we walked the path to Tomorrowland.  I thought it was great, but Craig said it was really tart for him- depends on how you like your lemonade.Anniv4 Anniv8

After a ride on the TTA, we grabbed some more photopass pics with the frame (LOVE THOSE) and then headed out to check-in to our Disney Resort.  Now, I had no clue what it could be.  I knew that it was on Disney Property, that was it. So Craig had me close my eyes while he drove around, trying to get me confused so I wouldn’t guess.  As I was almost ready to get car sick at this point, he said “We’re here!” and I screamed as we pulled into the Poly.  I have ALWAYS wanted to stay here, and now we were here. It was a dream come true and I couldn’t believe I was living it.  Anniv5 Anniv6

Craig had already checked us in that morning, so we walked up to get out leis and then grabbed pork nachos at Captain Cooks before heading to the room.  I followed Craig while we walked on the path, wondering WHERE we were staying.  He got us to the “TAHITI” building where we took the elevator to the 2nd floor and all the way to the end.  No, we didn’t have theme park view, we also wouldn’t be needing it. Anniv29

I ran into the room overjoyed and happy- it was HUGE! I was so excited about the room I ran right past the amazing gift sitting on the table. There sat 20 beautiful red roses, representing each year of our lives together,  with one sprayed in pixie dust.  It was an incredible and I was speechless.  There is so much more to report on our Polynesian stay, which you can read HERE. Anniv19Anniv11

We had dinner reservations, again another surprise, and I was told to gussy up for our big night out.  I brought my cute little black dress and spent a good hour curling my hair.  I was so excited to see where we were heading, and after I was all ready, he told me we were heading to “Citricos.”   We had never been there before, and I was ready to try it out.  We boarded the Monorail all dressed up and walked hand in hand into the Grand Floridian, feeling pretty awesome about the evening ahead.  For the full dining review, CLICK HERE to read all about it and see the yummy pictures!Anniv12

After our bellies were full, we walked hand in hand on the walkway back to the Poly, Craig carrying my high heels as I walked barefoot occasionally in the sand.  We stopped to draw a picture on the beach, the evening was just beautiful.Anniv14Anniv16

We got back and changed then headed to the beach to watch “Wall-E” and grab a drink from the pool bar.  A long box with a red ribbon was on the bed when we arrived, and Craig gave it to me.  I opened it to find a wand, a bracelet made of charms and crystals, and a card. Disney had a card with it, and then Craig wrote his own very personal definition of what the wand and bracelet represented.  It brought tears and it was a moment I will never forget.Anniv30Anniv17 Anniv20

We caught the early sun as we walked hand in hand on the beach without a soul around- it was picture perfect- the best way to start our second day. We caught breakfast at Captain Cooks, then packed up the car and headed to Epcot.  We had a couple of Fastpass Plus attractions to get too, some shopping, but more importantly was where we were heading for lunch – Teppan Edo!!!  Again, the entire review on the meal will be in a future blog post.Anniv27

The day was magical, we saw Characters, we rode our favorite rides, and we bought a frame to commemorate the weekend for our favorite picture. (We even made the ugliest car known to man on Test Track, as you can see below.)  I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful weekend with my amazing husband.  I am blessed… I love you Craig.Anniv22 Anniv23 Anniv25 Anniv26 Anniv24

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  1. Happy Anniversary! It looks like you had an awesome celebration with lots of great surprises. Next year is our 20th anniversary and I am hoping to spend it at Disney too! I am already starting to plan, but I am always planning or dreaming of a Disney trip.


  2. Love your love story and the pictures. You have a wonderful husband who took in every detail for your special celebration. Thanks for sharing the highlights with us. Happy 20 years you two.


  3. The frozen lemonades are one of my favorite things at Disney World. This last trip I had a frozen lemonade/Ice Tea mix from the stand next to the Off Kilter Stage at the Canada Pavilion (sans Vodka). It was VERY good 🙂


  4. So beautiful!!! Couldn’t be happier that you had a wonderful and magical weekend! Can’t wait to hear more details next time we get together! And congrats on TWENTY years!!!


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