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Our Stay at Disney’s Polynesian Resort

This past weekend my husband surprised me with a stay at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, located on the Monorail Loop with the Magic Kingdom.  A favorite of mine, I had always wanted to stay there, who knew I would be so soon?  Here is my review of our Resort stay, enjoy!Anniv29

September is known for being slow in Walt Disney World, so Craig scored a great rate at the Polynesian for our Anniversary night.  He did say the cost between the one side of the building, and the other which faces the Lake and Magic Kingdom are drastically different so he went with the more affordable, well, for as much as that can be at the Poly.

Craig booked the room and not until after the reservation was made did he get an email asking if we would like to participate in the “Magicabands” test run.  He was pretty excited about it, and that was the only thing he ever told me ahead of time.   (There will be a separate blog post specifically explaining our experience with Magicbands ).Poly20

He checked in early on Saturday morning and said it was the quickest check-in of his life. He was walking in and was asked if he had a reservation, after they saw Craig carrying the Magicbands box in.  They looked him up on his tablet, sent him to a CM at the Counter, said the room was ready, and it was already assigned to his Magicband.Poly14

We arrived at the Resort around 3:00 p.m. and I could not have been more excited.  “Aloha” and we were given our leis then we stopped off at their quick service restaurant “Captain Cooks” to grab pork nachos on the way to our room. We were in need of a snack to share and it seemed smart to just grab it for in room dining.  Oh we also bought a cup of soda, and the RFID chip was stuck on the bottom of it. I just wanted a Sprite, and the one machine on the left didn’t have any Sprite so I tried the one on the right and I had to place my cup on the tray and hold the button. The message came up I had 2 more refills on that cup in one hour.  Needless to say we never ran back to get more refills.Poly3 Poly4 Poly5

With our luggage in one hand and nachos/soda in another, we walked to our building “Tahiti” which is located towards the TTC end.  I would say this building was pretty far, so if you wanted to refill your mug often, it would be a pain to walk back and forth so much.   It was located right off the beach, and we discovered that the elevator was fine to use, but the staircase was closer to our room located on the 2nd floor.Poly9Poly8

We were the last room on the floor, and I can honestly say I never heard any noise. In the Values you can hear every foot step walking  by, but it was pretty quiet for us.  The size of the room was very impressive, and I would say it was comparable to the room size at Kidani.  A couple of chairs, pull out couch, two Queen size beds, flat screen tv, fridge, nice size shower, and large bathroom with two sinks.  We had a nice size balcony with two chairs that over looked the courtyard below.Poly6 Poly7

I felt the beds were very comfortable, but I didn’t understand why the ceiling fan was off to the living room area and not over the beds. We sleep with a fan normally, and we of course forgot ours, but it didn’t make sense why the fan was all the way over.  Random note, we like to sleep in the cold and we could only get it turned down to 65 degrees. Not that we needed it colder, but just a heads up that it can’t go any lower.Poly11 Poly13

We were VERY close to the beach, and the path that goes around it, but the quiet pool was a building over and the Volcano pool was even further yet.  For paying that kind of money for a Disney Resort, I would suggest staying in a building that is closer to the pools and lobby.  We weren’t there for that, so for us it was very romantic to have such a huge room with beautiful walking areas in the evening and during the day.Poly12 Poly28

There is plenty to do and see here, including the fun shopping areas and restaurants.  Although we didn’t eat at the Resort, I have many times when I haven’t been staying here. Kona and Ohana are both EXCELLENT to try out!  We did have the nachos from Captain Cooks though, which were EXCELLENT!  Pineapple, pork, cheese and tomatoes over potato chips and wontons are incredibly yummy, plus we had danishes for breakfast on Sunday morning.Poly27 Poly26 Poly25 Poly18

We enjoyed using the Monorail to get to and from the Grand Floridian for dinner at Citricos, and it was an adventure to go all dressed up.  The walkway from the GF to the Poly is a mile and is considered the jogging trail, but we just enjoyed it as a romantic stroll along the water amongst the palm trees.Anniv21

“Wall-E” was the movie on the beach that night, but the beach chairs were few and far between. I eventually found two that I dragged through the sand so we could see the movie, while Craig went and bought drinks at the Pool Bar.  My point is that you want to make sure to get there early for the movie and/or Wishes viewing to get a chair. Also they did NOT pipe WISHES music in around the movie area, even though they paused It for the fireworks.Poly15

We would definitely stay here again, it was so magical being so close to the Magic Kingdom, the water, and the beaches.  I had walked through this Resort so many times, hoping one day to stay there, and my dream came true.  I would say it is worth it to try out once, but for a week it will be incredibly pricey.  When we vacationed, we didn’t go for the expensive Resorts because you really aren’t in your room that much.   BUT I will say that the feel of the Deluxe Resort was very different, very high class and luxurious.  I felt like a Princess staying there, especially when there were 20 roses from “Disney Florist” in my room when we got there.  Craig said they were more than accommodating on making sure the roses came on time, as well as the gift I received later in the evening.Poly21

Try out Disney’s Polynesian Resort when you can, you won’t be disappointed!



  1. we were in Samoa. our beds were made up in the “new trend” of no bed spreads just a “table runner” at the foot of the bed. we over looked the volcano and could only hear the fireworks. room was nice–could of used a couple of hugs as the doors outsdie the fridge were hanging wrong and the bathroom door needed aa good tug to get shut. but over all I would do it again


  2. I’m glad that your wish came true to stay at the Poly!!! ºoº I have always wanted to stay at the Polynesian as well. It is so beautiful and tropical. I just don’t know if it will happen because of the high nightly rate. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience with us!!!


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