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Our Experience on How the Disney Magicbands Work

We spent this past weekend at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, and were lucky to be able to try the Magicbands out.  Here is how they went for us, enjoy!

Before we left home, I received an email from Disney asking if we wanted to participate in a trial on the Magic Band, and FastPass+. It prompted me to either create a My Disney Experience Account, or link my existing account to my reservation. Since I already had an account, I linked my reservation and my Annual Passes to my account, which in turn linked them to our magic bands.Magic Band 1

Once on My Disney Experience, I was able to see my resort reservation, and dining reservations that I had made. On the right of the screen there is an option to ‘Make Fast Pass + Selections’. After clicking, asks you to choose the date for your FPP reservations. (It allowed me to go out several weeks) it then takes you to a screen to choose which members of your party the selections are for (If you link other members of your party to your account)MMP - My Plans Page

You are then prompted to select a park for your FPP selection. Keep in mind – you can select 3 rides, but they have to be in the same park. Once you have selected the park, it will list all the rides available for FPP selection. You can select three attractions from the list, order them in priority, and click next – and it will give you a number of options preselected for you with times.MMP - ParkSelection

The times will come in 4 predefined options – the ‘Best Match’ and three other options. You will need to pick which option best fits what you want to do, but keep in mind you can change the times for individual selections later in the process. To make a change, select the attraction, and chose ‘Make Change’. From that screen, you can opt to change the attraction selection, or the time for the FPP. On the next screen, you can pick from all the available times for that attraction.MMP - Prioritize Selections

On the ‘My Plans Page’ on the website and the app, it will detail the attractions you have selected, and the times for each attraction. Similar to current fast pass, they are within a one hour timeframe.MMP - Ride Selection

Keep in mind – your three selections have to be in the same park. You can change the park anytime before you use your first Fast Pass Plus for that day, but once you have actually rode one of the attractions with your Fast Pass Plus time, it will only allow you to change your remaining two selections for other attractions within that same park.MMP - Select Time Change

You are able to choose and customize your Magicband, and after we chose our colors we had them delivered to our house within 10 days.  UPS delivers them and you will get an email giving you the tracking number and date of their arrival so you can track them.  The box came and our bands were inside with our names printed under each one, as well as our name printed on the inside of the band with the identification number.MMP - Times

The bands come activated, so when you are ready to shop, play in the Parks, etc.. there is nothing extra to do but put it on your wrist.  Now, they aren’t synced with parking yet, so have your hard ticket or parking pass available when driving into the Parks.   We took ours to Magic Kingdom the first day and touched the Mickey that is on the band to the Mickey on the post- that simple! If nothing is registering, roll it a bit to see if the signal catches.  Sometimes my band would go green immediatedly and other times it would take a couple of tries.  Just be patient, everyone is learning to work with them- guests and Cast Members together.003

If you aren’t sure if a cart or store doesn’t take the band for purchasing, just ask.  While it is in the trial phase, and even in its newborn launch stage, I would encourage you to always have a secondary method of payment in case they don’t take it or it doesn’t work for some reason.

I LOVED that they took that “Have to get to the Park and book it” feeling away by having it all set up before you ever left home.  It was so nice not to have to rush over to “Soarin” or “Peter Pan,” we just sauntered in and took our time- AS IT SHOULD BE.  Knowing we were going to be able to enjoy, no matter what the crowds may be, was priceless.  I truly feel that My Disney Experience will change the flow of crowds, and give people the peace of mind that they won’t miss their favorite attractions due to the time of year and/or crowds.  Yes you can only pick three attractions per day, but that’s plenty for the big ones. It’s genius.

The FastPass Plus times worked perfectly, had no problems there. We chose Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Journey under the Sea, Peter Pan, Test Track, Soarin, and the Epcot Character Spot.  You touch the band at the start of the FP Plus line and then again at the second point.  So in other words, the first point before where you showed your paper fastpass and the second spot where the CM would collect it inside the attraction.Anniv3

Our Magicbands were linked to our annual passes, so we were curious if they would continue to be after our Resort stay was over. Well I brought it with this morning to Magic Kingdom, and nope, the band didn’t work at the turnstiles, had to use my hard pass instead. The CM did say that in the next  “Mickey Monitor” there will be instructions on how AP holders can get their Magicbands- guess we will wait and see.  BUT for some reason I can continue to pick FP Plus attractions online, which I did. I used my Magicband today and it worked on Haunted Mansion and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad with no problem.

We were curious if while having the Magicband Fastpasses, would our hard ticket work to try and get the paper Fastpasses? I can answer that YES they did and it was cool to be able to get them both.   Probably only going to happen during this transition, but still pretty cool.

So there you have it! You can decorate them up, as most Disney Resort gift shops have the charms and covers to play with.  I felt the band was very comfortable, and honestly didn’t ever think about it being on.  It’s FL and it’s usually warm out, so yes, you may sweat under it- but it does nothing to the band except give you a funny tan line there.  I am very excited to hear how everyone else likes them, we loved them!

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  1. This is really cool – I hope they keep the ability to use regular fast passes in addition – then you could plan your evening park adventures with the FPPs and use regular FP for mornings! *fingerscrossed*

    How far ahead of your trip were you asked to do this? I’m still hoping we’ll get selected for our October trip!

    Thanks for the info!


  2. Our magic bands just showed up. They got our order wrong. Not the greatest first impression. Hopefully things go more smoothly from here.


  3. Great report! Lots of helpful information. I just hope they don’t charge for magicbands or give people staying at deluxe resorts more fasspass options, etc.. I like the fact that it doesn’t cost extra to use fast passes, and that it is the same for everyone regardless of where you are staying, etc.


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