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Our Experience with Disney Floral and Gifts

I had heard of the ability to have Flowers and other various gifts delivered to your resort room in the past. I searched and came across the Disney Floral and Gift website –

ON the website you have the ability to choose the park (WDW, Disneyland, or Home) and you can then view all the items, or by category. I had took some time to look through the things that jumped out at me, and made a few lists. I could have ordered the items online, but I wanted to customize them slightly, and did not want to leave things to chance by clicking my mouse – I wanted to have a person on the other end of my order to make sure everything went perfect.

I called, and they first asked if I was staying at a resort. I gave her my name and date, and she was able to pull my reservation to assign my order to. I told her what I wanted, how I wanted them customized a little, and she was perfect in getting the details exact. She informed me that the order would be at the resort the day I arrived, most likely before checkin, and the resort would then take care of bringing it to my room.

I called them again the morning of our check-in, and she gladly told me that the order was filled, and waiting for me at the resort. I then coordinated with the resort to make sure it would be in our room by the time we arrived.DisneyFloral1

One thing to note – I did have two orders, and they mistakenly didn’t put them together. My one order was at the resort right away in the morning (by 7:30 am – the roses) but the second item did not arrive until probably 5:00 that evening. It worked out that I wanted Amy to open that gift after dinner, but it was a bit nerve wracking making sure the second part of the order would get there. They were more than gracious with my many, many calls during the day to check on the status of when the second piece of my surprise would order.  Anniv30

If you want to celebrate just about anything there is to celebrate – take the time to check out the site. They have everything you can imagine and the prices are fairly reasonable.DisneyFloral2

Craig treated me to 20 beautiful red roses with a bonus Disney Charm that was hidden inside the flowers, along with a beautiful wand later that came with a GORGEOUS bracelet!  Disney and Craig did NOT disappoint, it was perfect!

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