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My Dining Review of “Paradiso 37”

Located near Raglan Road in the old Pleasure Island District, Paradiso 37 is nestled on the water in Downtown Disney.  I had the pleasure of checking it out last night, enjoy the review!para1

I can’t even tell you how many times I have walked past this Restaurant and wondered how the food was there.  With Disney World, there are so many wonderful places to dine at, that I have yet to try them all.   My good friends Joe and Chrissy are in town, so we made plans for dinner and drinks.  They had an exisiting  reservation, and had no problem adding me when they checked in for dinner at 6:15 p.m. on a Tuesday evening.para3

We had a great booth that looked over the entire Restaurant, and even better, it was close to the bar and the restrooms.  We also were right above the entrance so the breeze coming in last night was simply heavenly.

We decided on some yummy drinks to start off with and perused the menu awhile, chatting the whole time.  I chose the ribs, which the waiter told me would “fall off the bone.”  Joe chose the same thing, and Chrissy chose a flank steak.   Our drinks came quickly and in no time, so did our meal.para2

Let me tell you when I tell you this….these ribs were AMAZING!!  When he said it would “fall off the bone”- he wasn’t kidding!  It was juicy, full of flavor, and just the right portion size. It was served with French fries, which were light and crispy and delicious!  They had several choices of fries, but Joe and I went old school and got the regular kind.   Chrissy had the flank steak and said it was delicious as well.para5 para6

After a couple drinks, they asked what we would like dessert.  I was pretty full at this point, I think we all were, so we chose a lighter option and went for the sorbet.  Three scoops of fruit sorbet, which was mango, berry, and melon.  Fresh pineapple, strawberries, and blueberries were sprinkled in making it a great end to the meal, but not giving that heavy feeling that sometimes chocolate can.para7

I believe our meal took about an hour and a half, as we truly savored every bite and sip.  It was a wonderful dining experience, and I feel that the menu had a little something for everyone.  Definitely a must and I cannot wait to take the family back to try it as well.  Have you been there and what was your experience?  If you haven’t been there, what’s your favorite sit down Restaurant in Downtown Disney?

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  1. I love T-rex. The nachos are completely yummy! The shrimp is so good, and the freshly made donut holes (“meteor bites”) with caramel and chocolate dipping sauces heavenly! Yes, it’s loud, but it is so good!


  2. Love the review! My roommate and I had gone right after it opened. The menu was huge! I haven’t gone since they shortened it down, but happy to hear the food is still amazing!


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