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Eat to the Beat… Wilson Phillips

One of the things we were most looking forward to upon relocating to Florida would be events like this that were a bit tricky to book a vacation around. I’m of course talking about the “Eat to the Beat” Concerts which happen every year during Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival.  When the schedule came out  a month ago or so, I shrieked in delight to see that one of my favorite groups would be here…that being “Wilson Phillips.”  That 14 year old Amy would belt out the tunes in her room, using them as a way to cope with the hard times and lost loves.  Wilson Phillips was therapudic for many, and to see them in Concert after 25 years of putting that cassette into my walkman in my room… I was over the moon excited. This was my experience with Wilson Phillips, enjoy!wp2

Last year I experienced many concerts, but the one that stuck with me was “Richard Marx.” An 80’s crooner who stole my heart, I knew that I would move heaven and earth to see him in concert. So I got in line early last year, I think maybe between noon and 1, and I wasn’t even the first in line.  Since Wilson Phillips haven’t been to Eat to the Beat before, I figured not only would it be packed, but being there early would guarantee me a front row spot.  I grabbed a fisherman’s pie in Ireland on the way to the line, bottle of water and book in hand, I was set to wait it out until 5:00 when they would let the line file in.

Not only was I not first in line, I was actually third. Did it matter? Nope, because you make all sorts of friends while waiting hours on end for something.  I never even cracked open my book, I talked to everyone, we had each others backs for restroom breaks and the occasional food or drink run- it was great.  Keep in mind I went by myself, no friends with me on this night, so I figured why not have fun making new ones?  Sure people made comments walking by, and here is my feeling on that- if you have the time as a local, fan, or a tourist to come and see your favorite band perform, and you want that front row seat experience to connect with them, then no amount of time to wait for it should matter.  Do what you want to do, and if you are able to stand in line like I can to wait it out for a few hours, then feel blessed and enjoy it.

By the time the concert seating time came, I was so ready. I was excited beyond words to finally see them, and as a bonus they came out next to the Coffee stand right before so we got to wave and say hello, even snapped a couple of pics.wp1

They drop that rope and you better be ready to find a seat and sit. What I mean is there is not time to dawdle and think about it, there are hundreds behind you who want the front row or center seats, and I have heard it can get ugly.  I got to the front row with my new friends, and sat.  I chose the right side of the stage and it worked out well, as they were pretty spread out, but they stuck a lot to the center area.Meetup203 meetup202

They came out…my heart almost stopped.  Don’t judge me, I am allowed to fangirl once and awhile and this was my time, and it was AWESOME!  I sang along with every song, smiled every time they made eye contact, and took around 200 plus total pictures of the night.  They went over in time on the first concert and sang for 45 minutes, we were all shocked they kept going- it was great!  A friend of mine was in line for the 2nd show, so he saved me a seat for the show, but I went to the end of the line and walked through with everyone else then went up to him where he scored first row!  Sweet!!!!  While I was in the second show, my new pals Christine and Kelly, along with new buddy Craig, were holding the place in line for the third show.wp3 wp4 wp5

The second show was great, but the third was even better. We snagged first row again, this time on the right side to shake it up a bit.  I thought the girls were a bit more relaxed this one, and it had cooled off some so I am sure they weren’t so hot anymore.   They sang “Release Me, Hold On, The Dream Is Still Alive, Impulsive, California Dreams, You’re in Love” and I am sure others I can’t recall at this moment.  My favorite definitely was “Hold On” because our group of new found friends stood and danced to the song at the end of each Concert.wp6 wp7 wp8

So my question I want to leave you with is this, is it ok to stand at a Concert at the American Gardens Theater in Epcot?  Here’s the thing, I realize it’s a very “chilled” environment, you have every age watching the show so it isn’t the normal concert going experience. That being said, I have noticed that MANY don’t want to stand or dance at the Eat to the Beat Concerts- is it because we don’t want to block someone’s view or that it just isn’t something that’s done at those?  Curious as to what your thoughts are on this.wp10 wp9

It was a great night, and even though I didn’t get to meet them, I DID get to meet Chynna’s husband, Billy Baldwin, who was in Flatliners and Backdraft.  I also got my pic with the guitarist, but the group snuck out during Illuminations so it was hard to stop them, maybe tonight I will get lucky.  Thanks to all the new friends I met, the old who were great to catch up with, and the great memories that were made.  Going back again tonight, let’s see what the evening brings!

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  1. Amy, No judgement here. I am also a huge Wilson Phillips fan! I am so upset that my family and I will be there on vacation starting the 28th and I am missing them! We are also planning a movie to the Kissimmee area and I hope that I will catch them after the move. For now, I will live vicariously through you!


  2. Hi, great post. You are so lucky to have seen Wilson Phillips perform. I wanted to see them in 1990 when they were touring with Richard Marx. I was lucky enough to see Richard Marx twenty years later but I have never seen Wilson Phillips. So I enjoyed reading your post and seeing your photos.


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