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Glow with the Show Ears

After attending the Blog Tweet Up by Disney Parks, they treated each participant to a pair of the “Glow with the Show” ears. I was super excited to not only own a pair, but a chance to try them out for free.  As most of you know, I was at the Wilson Phillips Concert this past Tuesday, so I was unable to attend the Fantasmic debut of the ears, but my good friend Dave Drumheller did.  I asked him about his thoughts, and here is his take on it at his blog:

The same day that Fantasmic was debuting, my one and only pair of Glow ears went off in the middle of the night, making my bedroom look like a dance party.  After stumbling to find out what was making all the light, we discovered the ears just went off on their own- AND- they wouldn’t turn off! I had to cover them up with a shirt so we could get some sleep.  By the time I checked on them in the morning, the batteries had died.  So the plan was to replace the batteries on the way to Magic Kingdom last night, then pick up Craig his own pair at the Emporium.glow1

We were running late, so we decided, and hoped, Magic Kingdom would sell batteries somewhere.  If you wondered what they take, its three TRIPLE A.  We walked into the Emporium to the stand that held the Glow ears, and a wonderful Cast Member from IL approached us asking if we needed help.  I took my pair out of my purse and showed her that my batteries were dead and was there somewhere to buy them.  She not only offered to exchange my ears, but she also offered to get me fresh batteries at no cost.  Because I got mine free, I didn’t feel comfortable exchanging them, but I still needed the batteries. So she replaced them for me, and PS, a pen or pencil work well to open the battery compartment.glow10 glow11

With my ears fully charged, and Craig with his newly purchased one, we were ready to find a spot for the evening festivities. I did notice that with Craig’s ears, he not only had foam on the inside, but he had an on/off button in the inside- mine have no foam and the button is located on the ears themselves.  I was told if we touched our ears together, they would sync, and sure enough, they did!glow9 glow8

We found a spot immediatedly following the Main Street Electrical Parade, which was perfect in the middle of Main Street, just slightly past Casey’s.  If you are going to see the Castle show and fireworks, stand wherever you want, but if you want to see the Glow with the Show ears WITH both presentations,  the further you stand down Main Street, the more you will see glowing with it.glow3glow2

“Celebrate the Magic” was first, and it was so cool to see how Disney could turn the ears on and off, and how the colors were timed with the show. My absolute FAVORITES were the “Lion King” and “Tangled.” I mean, how can you beat the ears flickering like lanterns???  SO NEAT!!glow4 glow5 glow6 glow7

Then “Wishes” came on, and I thought it was very cool, but I actually liked “Celebrate the Magic” more with the ears.  I will say it was cool to see when they said “It’s the Blue Fairy!” and the ears all went blue.  But the finale of each show didn’t have much, if anything, that made me go “WOW!”   I was a bit disappointed, but maybe they are working the kinks out.glow12 glow13 glow14 glow15 glow16 glow17 glow18

Are the Glow with the Show ears worth it?  Well at $25 a pop, it depends on how much you will want to use them.  They are a bit top heavy on the head because of the battery pack, and the pattern is either really fun or really noisy, you take your pick.  They will be debuting them also at the Osborne Lights this year (November 8th), and I haven’t heard or not about Illuminations.  I am sure they will be using them with other attractions and shows as well, so it’s a fun way to be a part of the magic.   I think you will get more out of them as a local, but if you take frequent vacations and keep bringing them back for years to come, I am sure you will get your money’s worth out of them.  I am happy we have ours, and we are looking forward to seeing the lights next month.

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