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Don’t Push It

So I am all signed up for several Disney races, and as I was training this morning, I kept telling myself over and over “Don’t Push It.”  And I thought about how many times before and after relocating I had to tell myself that so many times, which prompted this blog post- enjoy!

I was like all of you… sitting at home and that Disney commercial would come on. I would either smile, cry, or both.  I would think so many times “If I lived there, I would be able to do __________ right now.”  With that momentum in both of our minds, sometimes it was easy to “push it” when we just needed to let it happen.  What do I mean? We all can want something “so bad” that we push too hard for things when if we just took a step back, things would just fall into place as they were meant to.

If you have read the blog from the start, you know we were planning on moving in 2012 for the longest time.  Then circumstances changed, and we decided to take the plunge a year early in 2011.  For us, that extra push was a positive thing.  BUT at one point we had thought about going even in 2010, for job sake, and we took a breather on it and realized that we WERE pushing it, even pushing our luck on not being as prepared as we COULD be in 2011 or 2012.  Waiting for something you truly want makes it only that much sweeter.

You have to take the time to save, to plan, to prepare mentally, and educate yourself before ever leaving the front step of your prior home.   Can some do it at a whim? Of course, I know many that have. In fact, some HAVE too for job and school sake. But if you have the luxury of time, take it.  There isn’t enough hours in the day or dollars saved that will fully make you feel secure, BUT, it will all certainly help your sanity to know you took the time to do so.

Even along the lines of relationships, you don’t want to push it. Some will be so happy for you that you are taking this grand adventure, and some will be uncomfortable with it- find peace in the fact that they will eventually come around and that you have to make the choices that are right for you. Pushing it with those who aren’t ready for you to move won’t be anything but messy.

Even after Relocation, it’s easy to push things because we get so excited to start this new chapter in our lives. We wanted to play in the Parks SO BAD that first week, and even though we did get a small taste, we knew we had to attend to filling our house with furniture and setting up our new lives first.


You want to be persistent, you want to persevere, but you don’t want to push it – it will happen if it’s meant too.

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