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Where has the Disney Pet Merchandise Gone?

Guest Author: Heather Araskiewicz

My family loves Disney and we look forward to each and every trip. The only part we don’t look forward to is leaving our pets behind. The dogs usually have to be kenneled. Last year it broke my heart when I had to kennel my senior pug Tyson. He was blind so the kennel was very stressful for him because he didn’t know where he was or what was happening.

That said I wanted to bring him back something special from our trip. I always bring back a little something for him from every trip I go on regardless of where I go. But the Disney gifts seemed to always be his favorites. For the past several years we got bought the same gift for both dogs….a stuffed Mickey shaped plush toy.

The good thing about getting them a new one from every trip was that the old dingy one could be casually replaced with the new one. Tyson would carry the toy around with him everywhere and would hold it between the ears so that the ears completely covered his eyes.  It had gotten to the point where both dogs had several of these silly things laying around the house.mickey plush

Last year we took our family trip and I searched store after store for the pet items. Then I remembered seeing a small variety of toys, bandanas and bowls at the Firehouse Gift Shop on Main Street. I stopped by the Firehouse and found out it was no longer a gift shop. So I searched Downtown Disney high and low for the pet items. Finally I asked a cast member at World of Disney if they could help me. This very nice cast member informed me that the shops would no longer be carrying pet merchandise and he suggested checking at the Best Friends Kennel over near Port Orleans Riverside.  Hearing that bummed me out because this was a staple souvenir I got without hesitation on every trip.  Although we were staying at Riverside I wasn’t about to run across the street to kennel to see if they had anything. To his credit the cast member walked the store with me and suggested alternative items and we finally settled on a flat Eeyore toy.eyoreplush

Although Tyson was excited when I gave him his new “baby” he never took to this toy in the same way he took to his Mickey Mouse. I would often have to coax him into playing with Eeyore when his Mickey needed to be cleaned.

Since Disney never carried a huge selection of pet products (usually just an end cap on an aisle) I really wish they would reconsider restocking them.  I can only speak for myself but my pets are part of my family and I think nothing of spending the money to get them that special Disney souvenir too!

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  1. We searched high and low last trip for a new dog collar as well. I’ve talked to a lot of people about this. I don’t understand why they are missing out on such a large market.


  2. I had the same experience. Every year we would buy our dog a new color with “Mickeys” on it, and last year when we went we searched store after store for a new collar for him. Plus we had a new puppy who needed a Mickey collar too. We also asked a nice Cast Member who said they moved all the pet stuff to Best Friends Kennel. We were very disappointed. We had a car, but liked to use the buses, so there was no easy way to get there. I really wish they would bring back the pet sections.


  3. We also searched high and low for some little souvenir for our 2 dogs! I would have loved to bring back a dog bowl each as the last one I had broke 😦 Hopefully they will realise that there is still a market for the dog stuff and bring it back to the parks!


  4. I can totally relate. I remember before we had our dog, we’d see some stuff in the parks, not a lot. Now we have a dog, we’d like to bring her something back from our trip, especially since she’ll be boarded while we’re gone, and I can never find anything:(


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