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The Reality of Living Near the Fantasy…Part Four

The Over-development Syndrome.

When we moved here in 2011, the suburb we had found was already built, really no room to add on too. Large front lawns and long driveways, it was a nice lot size you had to yourself. But as we found out, you can find a nice suburb already built, but that doesn’t mean the surrounding area can’t be.  In our first area, a large water park, vacation home mega-plex was born…and it made a two lane road a living nightmare.

It seems to be a sickness here that they can’t build more enough, fast enough, high enough, and you can forget about leaving a tree here or there to actually enjoy. No they bulldoze them all and then bring back different ones to plant….I mean, what??? Condos, townhomes, and vacation homes seem to find their way to every nook and cranny of space that we had left in our area.  I don’t care if they want to build, kudos to knowing the market. Why it’s annoying is that we don’t have the infrastructure to support it not only here in my area, but most of Central Florida.  For every new occupied unit and home, you are looking at an average of 2 or more cars to each of them. When I see a development going up, I get incredibly triggered because I know there are probably 300 or more new cars that will be coming on the already congested highways and toll roads. Commuting here is already a living nightmare…it will only get worse.

It seems a lot of the problem is that these developers come in from other Countries, buy up a piece of land, choose their house, hotel, whatever to land on it (Kind of like Monopoly) and then collect the checks without ever living here. Why that is a problem is that they aren’t seeing the stress of the roads that surround their new structures, or the traffic flow problems…they don’t have to deal with it so why would they bother caring.

More housing brings more people, which brings more traffic, which brings more road rage and accidents, which brings everyone stress, which then inevitably creates a hostile and overpopulated daily life. Not “magical” at all.

Let me end with this, I KNOW there are some of you who have dreamed of living here, currently moving here, etc.. and I am here just telling you my side of things, my story.  I think it is critically important to hear the good with the bad so that you can have a clear perspective… no one likes a blindside, unless you are on “Survivor.”

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