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The Reality of Living Near the Fantasy…Part Seven

The Traffic.

So back in WI (Yes that’s my reference point), it got busy during Christmas time, 4th of July- the Holidays basically.  Living there long enough, you get the feel for how the traffic is going to flow, and you can take a side street or two and avoid it for the most part. That’s because my streets were actual blocks, connecting to each other’s neighborhoods so that traffic went smoothly.

But here? It’s like a developer came in and said “I just want one long road.”  For example, Highway 27.  If you drive it as much as I do, you will notice that there is no “getting around” anything. It is literally a spine that branches off which then has tinier branches, but NONE of it connects! It doesn’t make sense to me why this would be a good idea. I mean EVERY DAY you have no choice but to drive 27 to get anywhere which is forced on everyone who lives in the area which makes it just as congested right before you are standing still on he next- this includes the fresh hell that is Interstate 4. And to even try to explain 192 is a joke. Again, ONE ROAD that goes to the Coast or runs into 27 with no connections to get around the tourists.  When everyone is funneled into the same space, it makes driving here chaotic and so, so dangerous.

The best advice I got from my hubby was “Don’t let drivers bully you.” You know who I’m talking about. Its the person in the vehicle riding your tail, getting to close when there is heavy traffic, cutting you off making you have to slam on your brakes, and the infamous “honker” who doesn’t feel you are turning “right on red” fast enough.  Let me tell you, there are several intersections in my neighborhood that have blind corners…particularly on Ronald Reagan and on 27.  I am not taking my life in my hands because you need to turn faster, slow your roll and breathe.

Speed limit? Well some genius thought it would be a good idea to make 27, 60 mph. Keep in mind that usually most are going to 5 or 10 over that even. LITERAL NEIGHBORHOODS branch off this road- kids on bikes, runners, families taking a walk, and they thought it was a good idea to make it nearly as fast as 4, which doesn’t have anything but enter/exit ramps.  I have had to cross 27 while running, of course hit the walk/pedestrian button, watching all traffic as I cross, and you still get the person who runs the red light or isn’t cool enough to obey the traffic laws here.  I’m sorry, but the traffic here is a mess.

And to my lovely left laners…please get off your phones. I know the lights here can be up to 3 minutes long (yes we have timed them) but when you are leading the pack and the ONLY WAY for me to get to my suburb is that left lane…I need you to pay attention and be a good example.  It’d be awesome too if you use that blinker that the car manufactures and the good Lord gave you- thanks.

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