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The Reality of Living Near the Fantasy… Part Nine

The Weather

One of the biggest selling points on living in Florida, is of course, the weather. Sunny skies and warm temperatures seem like an amazing deal. I was one of the many who left the cold weather climates because I was sick of the nail biting cold and dismal, grey days.  I didn’t mind the snow, until a blizzard hit and it would take hours to dig out and get anywhere.  It was just part of life in the Midwest.

But what I wasn’t ready for here was the lightning, the downpours, the hurricanes, and the headache inducing humidity.  Let me start with the lightning- it actually scares me. I watched a story on “Dateline” where a woman was just watching tv in her home and was struck by lightning through her roof.  Couple that with living in the lightening capital of the World, it makes for some anxiety filled moments when a storms passes over.

The downpours are honestly more scary while driving on I4 or 27 because they come on fast and when you have a mixture of tourists and yourself driving-  some have the knee jerk reaction to hit the brakes instead of just slowing down.  Out and about in the Parks, basically April through September, I carry an umbrella on me. Showers come quick and go through just as fast, so at least they don’t linger a majority of the time.

The hurricanes.  I survived my first official one which was Hurricane “Irma” back in 2017.  I knew eventually we would deal with one, and I saw first hand the chaos in the stores, the panic as it got closer, getting our survival kits together, and then we just sat and waited.  By far the worst part was just sitting in our home and waiting for it to finally get there.  It had turned at one point and the eye came right over the top of us, the wind slammed our home hard, the shingles sounded like they were being pulled off one by one, and we just prayed.  Clearly my family and I made it through…still scary. Now compared to tornadoes that I have been through in WI? Tornadoes come up on you pretty quickly there, and it’s about basements and radios at that point.  Here there are no basements, which honestly I hate. The whole “Jump in the bath tub” never makes me feel safe or secure.  The irony is that even as I write this, WE ARE UNDER A TORNADO WATCH. The news has been telling us all week that bad storms are to hit today, and they tell you in weeks, almost months, for the hurricanes to watch for. So I will give it to the News here, they are on it. Now, if they could install a tornado siren in my neighborhood, that would be great. They don’t have many in FL, if at all in my area.

The humidity seems to affect me only when it has slowed down or ramped up. During the winter months it’s still there, but usually on the low side. Once it kicks in again with full steam, my head feels like it’s going to explode.  It’s a weird headache that no Excederin will get rid of for me, completely frustrating and life interrupting. And of course doing anything outside the home for long periods of time during the summers has to be done early morning or evening so you don’t get heatstroke. I’m sure people get used to living in the tropics here, but I definitely miss the change and excitement of the Seasons.  It’s just felt like one really, really long summer here. If you have any health issues that heat and humidity will agitate more, I would avoid living here at all costs.  Again, just my two cents.

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