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Vacation or Residence?

I have been actually thinking about writing on this for awhile. One, it’s important to compare the two for those thinking about moving here, and two, it’s just a fun topic to talk about.

So when we were planning a vacation here, we would do everything I am sure you all have. First we would watch every Disney movie on the planet, get out the family calendar, pick the dates, ask off for work, and then the real fun and planning began. Back then, sites were just starting up so we would enjoy watching ride videos on YouTube and basically if a site had “Disney” in it, we were hooked. When to go, what to book, where to eat….the planning was the BEST PART!!

Then came the anticipation. The build-up as we plunked down change into the water cooler, took a piece of the countdown chain down every day, and our lingo was always about the trip to come. Outfits to wear, what luggage to bring, how to pack efficiently, and of course, leaving a bag empty for those Disney souvenirs. The day would come, you could hardly contain the excitement!! Whether you were driving or flying, bags were packed, kids had gone to the bathroom, and you were ready for that amazing adventure in Florida.  I bet even now I have someone excited to plan their next trip.

But when you live here, that changes. First, for us, the build-up was gone.  The anticipation was slightly there like “Hey I’m going to Magic Kingdom tomorrow” kind of stuff but not that crazy, fun, excited feeling we used to get.  On vacation, the Parks are fresh. There is always something new, something you didn’t see before, some type of food or drink to try and of course the merch always changes. So with every trip, it was different.  Having gone in multiple times to the Parks in the same week, yes, it can get old. I used to come around the corner on Main Street with tears welled up in my eyes, the magic growing inside me with each step I took, my kids hands in mine, my husband glowing with happiness…  it’s just not the same now. It’s still special, it just changed.

I traded the excitement and newness for date nights, hang outs with friends, and the occasional exclusive popcorn bucket.  Doesn’t sound to bad does it? It really isn’t. I have loved and cherished each moment and experience in the Parks. It as been nice to go to different concerts, get my AP magnet, and enjoy people watching as a sport. But that being said, once you have seen a lot of the concerts, eaten all types of  food, bought tons of the merch, the “what’s next” factor gets kind of fuzzy. I for one am personally in the camp of “Did it once, bonus points if I get to do it again, but I will live if I don’t.”  You learn fast that vacation money and daily life money are two VERY different things.  I have the normal life budget that I can on occasion splurge on a shirt or cup, but who can afford to eat and drink in the Parks on a weekly basis without going broke? I bring in my own waters and soda, granola bars and snacks.  I grab a cup of ice from a counter service and enjoy my drink while i stroll the Park.  Trust me, it actually gets hard sometimes to know you can’t just eat or buy whatever you’d like. It’s a magical world of mouse temptations.

Let’s just say that I look forward to planning my vacations again in the future.

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