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Why I Moved Back to Florida…

So yesterday I talked about why we headed back to Wisconsin which if you didn’t catch it, it will make more sense to read that first here.

But for everyone who is caught up, I wanted to shed some light on why we journeyed back after just a year hiatus from the South.  After everything started to get back on track again…my health, my marriage, life… we found ourselves on many a date night watching Disney movies, or attractions on YouTube, or looking at our own memories.  Because we left in such a sad state, we felt like we wanted to make sure of the “why” as much as the “what.”  It’s kind of like when you’re in a really sad and dark place and you either cope with food or movies, but you really aren’t tasting and enjoying, you are just consuming to fill the void in that moment.  When I am stressed, I hate to do anything for the first time because I don’t want to look back and be like “Dang it, I was so preoccupied that I didn’t even get to enjoy it.” The move was something like that.

Sure we had arrived with stars in our eyes and excitement beyond compare the first time we moved here, but the second felt more personal because we were making all the decisions with a new found love and respect for each other. And I know that many of you have been through some type of relationship where you don’t feel heard, or you aren’t on the same page, and man oh man is that frustrating when you just want to live a peaceful and normal existence. I found planning another move to Florida was just as exciting, albeit more involved, than a vacation. And like I said, we came back to a stranger  called WI. Our beloved city felt like a stiff coat- uncomfortable, unfamiliar, and something we found we didn’t need. As much as we wanted that security blanket, to much time had passed. So it was either stay and endure the accepted misery that we chose, or change our stars and go back to the familiar magic we once had.

Trust me, I know what you all are thinking…I have thought it myself. Maybe I am just not a soul to be settled, maybe I am just thick with wanderlust and we all have the bug.  Maybe I am searching for something I just haven’t found yet, and I do believe that everything happens for a reason.  Good or bad. I always try to have the attitude that when I can’t have or get something, if something is cancelled or I can’t make it, that God is protecting me from something that I just don’t need. Not saying it doesn’t feel good, but it tends to make the sting a little less strong.

Or life is chapters that we all must live, love, and endure. Some are super long and some are short and sweet.  I finally decided with this last move that I just wasn’t going to take things as serious anymore and just “go with the flow” more.  If I want to get mad, I’ll allow myself to get mad. And if I want to make sure that those around me know that they are loved, I will ALWAYS tell them.  Life may be messy, but it is also short. And I don’t know about you, but I’d rather look back and say “Hey, I went for it, over and over again” than “I was too scared to do it because people may talk.”  Honestly, I have learned that everyone talks anyways, so do whatever the good Lord leads you too.  We all have a purpose…who knows, mine may just be moving to inspire.

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  1. I understand the wanderlust. Having been a navy brat I was used to moving every so often. After being in Florida from 2009-2015 I was ready to go somewhere else. Instead of dropping everything and moving who knows where, I started applying to airlines. Well, I am now a Flight Attendant and even though I only fly domestically, my wanderlust was answered.
    Thanks for sharing all this!


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