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Comparison is the Thief of Joy

Growing up in WI, getting married and raising my kids for most of our lives there, it was all I ever knew. There wasn’t anything to compare too…until 2011.  When the Petermann family hit the Florida border, a switch was flipped for everything going forward.

I was comfortable raising my kids, working a full-time job, going to church, and attending all of the girl’s school events. It was my norm. Like many of you parents, you fall into a similar routine which takes you through the weekdays, just to have you arriving at the hopefully funner part of life on the weekends.  This was all I knew, so coming to Florida, and the timing of it all, just took my routine and my normal, and dropped it at the first rest stop. I don’t think I was honestly ready for it, but I didn’t have much of a choice once the cars were packed and we were driving away.

See you can’t know what you don’t know…near impossible, until you have LIVED it for yourself.  For months on end in the beginning of our story here I dealt with the neverending thoughts of “But that’s not how it’s done” or “Why would they do it that way?”. It is SO EASY to get consumed with your thoughts when everything is scary and unfamiliar that you forget the exciting parts, the fun parts, and the NEW parts.  I knew they had to exist, otherwise what was the point of flipping my life upside down.

But how do you NOT compare? I tried SO hard to live in the moment, to give it everything I had, but my routine was so messy and hard at that point that all I could do was hold on.  Nope, this wasn’t the same school drop off, the same ice cream place, the same quiet roads home.  It took a long time to open that new chapter for the adventures and joy it would bring, and even harder yet was closing the old one. I think that’s why the move back just didn’t feel right…the story had changed so much that we were pages ahead of everything we had left behind in the first place.

Its ok to look back and compare life with what has passed, but I can tell you it is even healthier to build the new now for a better future.  And I don’t know about you, but when I tend to look back too much, my neck really hurts. Don’t be an Amy….look ahead and you can say I saved your neck!

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