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Welcome to our “OOL”. Notice there is no “P” in it. Please keep it that way.

When we were planning the first move, I was beyond excited that our new Florida home would have a swimming pool.  I had tried for years and years with my little darlings to accommodate their childhood with the H2O of their dreams…the results were hilarious.  We had the little plastic pool that you bought at Wal-Mart that was a mystery on how to transport home, because of it’s shape, and then we upgraded to the fold out one that everyone and your neighbor had to hold the walls up until the water finally did it for you.   After that it was the 3 footer where basically you had some depth now but we were still swimming like idiots in a circle.  Am I the only adult out there that cringed when my kids asked me to swim with them? It wasn’t the time with them (loved the time), it was the fact that when my whale like physique would get in, half the water poured out!

So when we found out that the home we liked had a pool, I felt like the long journey was over. But wait, it had just begun.  Because of course with those little pools you buy, there isn’t any chlorine, chemicals, pool nets, pool noodles, floaties, inflatible pizza slices (yes that’s actually a thing), and oh yeah, you got to have a pool boy (or girl).  The start-up costs weren’t too bad for all the fun toys and such, but the maintenance itself was something we didn’t give much pause too.  Not only do you pay the pool guys, but also you’re electricity is running quite a bit for the pool pump. We have learned over the years how to adjust it to shave some dollars off our bill, but it’s something to consider.

Our first year here we swam almost every day. If we weren’t in the Parks, we were in the pool.  Florida never felt so good because we were doing TWO things out of the norm for us on a daily basis. But as life moved on, so did the love for the pool.  Slowly we backed off using it as much, and it would be a weekend and grill-out type event after awhile.  Our second home we had another pool WITH a hot tub- now that SOUNDS amazing and it could have been, but the hot tub was made of concrete.  We sat in it for about 15 minutes before our backs started to hurt. We wound up not enjoying it as much as we had hoped because it wasn’t very comfortable and it was expensive to run.

Now we have our third home in Florida and our third pool and I can honestly say I truly enjoy sitting and writing NEXT to it. It’s pretty to look at and we will swim when the weather starts to get “surface of the sun hot” again.  We had a pool heater on the previous pools, which again will hit your electric bill HORRENDOUSLY, so honestly avoid heating your pool. The sun will do it for you starting in May and it will stay nice and comfortable until around September/October.

Do I think you need to have one in Florida? Well, that depends on how much you will be home to use it and if it’s your choice of tea. It’s a great thing for families, and I am truly happy my girls got the chance to swim in something bigger than a coffee cup. It also has spoiled us to hotel pools- who wants to swim with others in a community stew when you can have a swim of your own.  And at this moment I am wishing my pool was warm enough to take a quick dip before dinner. #FloridaProblems

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