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After that First “Wow” is Gone

When you are on vacation here, everything has the “wow” factor. From the moment you step off the plane and onto Magical Express, you are taken into the land of dreams where you are nothing but entertained for the week.  But when you live here, that “wow” is oh so different. My “wows” usually are “Wow, that’s how much a soda is now?” or “Wow, are the Parks ever going to not be crowded anymore” kind of thing.

I remember hanging out with a large group of friends at Studios around my first week here…and I was just in awe. Everything felt good, I just absorbed every little drop of magic, but the rest of them were bored. I was perplexed- how could this be? Had they not moved here as well for the opportunities the magic brought? It wasn’t until we had lunch at Backlot Express that they asked me why I kept smiling. I said “Look where I am. I am getting to play, I am getting to enjoy Disney, and I can do it any time I want.”  And I will never forget my friend Shane looking at me with the most glummest of faces and saying “Just wait, it’ll wear off. It will get old, it will get boring. You are just new to it right now.” Of course the Amy of 2011 took great offense to this, HOW could he just let the air right of my happy bubble??? But now all I can do is nod at that and I hate that he was right.

Once that “wow” wears off, or whatever you want to call it, reality begins to knock at your door. The butterflies tended to flit a bit less in my tummy on Main Street and I just assumed it’s a part of living here. Friends on vacation who would invite me out for drinks, dinner, or to hang out, were in that “mode” where I had just been dealing with school problems or an hour’s worth of traffic.  Life merging with my magic was just annoying. You can spend so much time building up the fantasy in your head of how it will be when you move to Florida, that you can actually forget the “life” part. Kind of like putting all thought and energy into the wedding but not looking past that day into the life you will now have with the other person.

My advice to the new kids coming here is to take it all in small bites- don’t do everything at once. Think of it as your favorite buffet and you want to try everything at a slow and decent pace so that the overindulgence literally doesn’t get you sick.  My problem is that when I stop doing so much at any given time, I feel like I am missing out or that the quiet is to much. Trust me, I am a work in process on that. The good news is that there were many “wow’s” we have had, and I hope that we still have more to come. Time will tell.

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