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So This Happened on Spaceship Earth Today…

rsz_1img_8441I am blessed to be able to frequent the Parks when I want to during the week. I enjoy going alone as it gives me time to really enjoy the small stuff and share, like I did today. (I share LIVE from the Parks on Facebook if you want to follow along.) But there have been times, that albeit Disney comes off as a safe environment, I didn’t feel that today.

On most rides, they want to fill them as full as possible because the more on, the merrier the line is. I get it. Being alone many times, I am a “single rider” and for the most part, I wind up sitting either alone or I am paired up by MY choosing (like Test Track). But there are some rides, as I discovered today, that should NEVER be ridden alone with a stranger because of the close proximity you are and also your surroundings.

Que Spaceship Earth. We all love this ride, the new and the old, we have a relationship with it. It’s that familiar one that just makes us feel “home.” I was in line today, end of my adventure, and there was a guy behind me that was just too close. Several times bumping me, and like a good person, I ignored him.  We get to the top to load the ride and the CM is shouting “2 to a row” which I freaked out on (in my head).  I didn’t know who is behind me, I just knew I saw some random guy when I turned the first time in line to see who kept bumping me.  Normally I make Craig stand behind me in those situations, but I was on my own with this one.  So I panic, and just decide that the only thing I can do is sit in the left seat, or first seat, the minute I climbed in, thus making it near impossible for the guy to sit next to me unless he wanted to crawl over the top of me. Trust me, I had thought maybe they would make me move over, but I timed it enough that I knew we would hit the climb soon so he had to take what he could.  So he sat…alone…behind me on the other side.

People, I don’t normally get “creeped out” on the attractions, but I was definitely uncomfortable.  I am literally answering the questions on the map in front of me giving this guy what State I live in, then when I am answering all of the questions on the way down, he can see them clear as day and all I can think is he could use them to talk to me after the ride.  I know some of you may think this is a stretch, and I WISH we didn’t live in a world that this could happen, but all I could think about was WHAT IF he was sitting right next to me the entire ride? It’s dark, there isn’t anywhere for me to “jump out” (safely) and run from him. It’s actually a scary thought that I never even thought of until today.

I got off the ride and quickly walked out of the building and took a couple detours before exiting the Park in case I was being followed. I watched my back to my car and obviously I am safe and sound. My point is that in today’s world, we just HAVE to think about these things now to keep each other safe.  He could have been just some random passholder like me riding alone, but my spidey senses told me otherwise. Stay sharp my friends.

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  1. I understand the creepy feeling, but don’t forget Disney watches EVERYTHING. There are plenty of stories online from former cast members about people trying to get away with things on dark rides and [nightvision] cameras being everywhere unknown to most of the public. If he had a magicband, they KNOW who he is. If not, they likely have facial-recognition throughout the park and that sort of tracking is not yet regulated.

    That being said, KNOWING you’re safe is different than FEELING safe.


  2. Always trust your instincts, even if there were NO danger, it is better to be safe than sorry. Also, next time, explain to a cast member your uneasiness and ask for an escort to your vehicle.


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