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The Regal Eagle Smokehouse at Epcot

When you live here, you can get spoiled with having so many choices to dine from every time you enter a Park. One choice was Liberty Inn, located in the American Pavilion area back in the World Showcase at Epcot. It was an airconditioned oasis out of the hot sun, and there aren’t many back in that area to escape too so it was always a welcome sight. Down for refurbishment over the last several months, I had heard rumors of a BBQ Smokehouse replacing the Inn. What I didn’t know was that it would be Muppet themed, ever so slightly, to give a nod to the great eagle himself, Sam Eagle. Hearing this news, I was more excited about the Sam aspect and less about the BBQ, so I headed in yesterday, on it’s 2nd day open to try it out.IMG_1500JPG

Craig and I headed in at around 11:30 and it took about 20 minutes to maneuver “Wallcot” and get back into the World Showcase, and of course its furthest point, America. I was shocked at how packed the place was since WS had barely been open an hour. We grabbed the very last line, briefly looked up, saw BBQ Chicken leg, sounded yummy, told Craig that’s it and then proceeded to camp out for a booth that I got lucky with right away. In our haste, we didn’t look at ALL of the menus. Yes folks, we were reading off the kids menu. They are on large digital screens, but they didn’t change out like they do at Cosmic Rays, so we assumed it was the same across the top- it wasn’t. So Craig wound up ordering me something like a chicken leg, which was the Kansa City Smoked Half-Chicken which came with garlic toast and your choice of side which he chose coleslaw for me. Since he was flustered with the crowds and not reading the menu right, he chose the Power Greens Salad as a fall back, it was served with chilled pull chicken and fresh citrus. (Oranges and grapefruit). I was holding our table, so he told me that the staff were running around pretty lost, but he understood because it was only day 2. They gave us a Smores Brownie for making Craig wait so long for our food which was nice.


Kansas City Smoked Half-Chicken


Power Greens Salad with Chilled Chicken


Smores Brownie

Food? So the chicken I had was smoked and had that nice smokey taste to it, but it definitely needed to be drowned in bbq sauce more because it was a tad on the dry side. For half a chicken, I didn’t feel I was getting much meat off the bone, so for it being as large as a portion as it “appears” to be, it didn’t fill me up. The Garlic toast was good and the coleslaw I would have liked to be a bit more creamier and less peppery. I like KFC coleslaw, so if that tells you anything about my taste buds when it comes to coleslaw.
Craig had the Citrus Salad which had ZERO dressing on it and NONE given with it. He assumed it came on it since it wasn’t offered, and it was dry as a bone. The radish shavings and dry cranberries didn’t add to any type of rich flavor, it was just dry. He thinks it was supposed to come with some type of lime cilantro dressing, but we both witnessed a dry salad. Again, the crowds and Cast Members were frazzled to a point that it wasn’t worth our time to complain to management at that time- they had enough to deal with. The Smores Brownie was very heavy in taste and dry, I am more a fan of the moist brownies.IMG_1492JPG

Cost? The Salad was $11.49 and the Half-Chicken was $13.99. On par with Disney pricing? Yes. Worth the money? No. You can have a better salad with a heck of a lot more chicken on it and lots of good veggies or fruit at your local Wawa here or ChickFila. I know, they aren’t on Disney property, but for us locals, I wouldn’t be going in again for either item. I am curious to hear what everyone else has had and what they thought of it.IMG_1487JPG

Atmosphere? It’s homey and adorable in there in all it’s Americana goodness. Very little “Sam” is represented, so that was disappointing, but they did take out those horrible metal chairs and tables and replaced them with warm and inviting booths and picnic tables. The fountain was removed from the center of the Restaurant, and definitely gives off more of the “Smokehouse” feel and less the Greenhouse vibe it had going on before. It seemed to have a lot more seating now, and the noise level seemed to be the same as before- it was always very loud and echoey in there- still is.  There is seating inside and outside as well, outside surrounding a large BBQ smoker.  They also have a walk up for drinks and food outside if you don’t want to make your way inside the Restaurant.IMG_1484JPGIMG_1503JPGIMG_1502JPGI wouldn’t go out of your way to eat here, it’s a Smokehouse like the rest. But if you are hankering for some BBQ, and you find yourself in Epcot, this will do just fine.

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