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“Nando’s”….A Dining Review

Walking the Oakbrook Center(A GORGEOUS Mall) in Oakbrook, IL,  with a friend, we perused the stores that were open, a handful at best, masks on and getting hungry for lunch.  I try my best to venture into the unknown as much as possible on my road trips, and food is always a part of that.  If I am tired and starving, I just eat the familiar. But, it was a beautiful day, and even with masks on, it was way to good to pass up patio dining. Nando1On the second floor we found a place called “Nando’s.”This Restaurant chain was started in South Africa in 1987. Their specialty is known as “PERI-PERI” …. A pepper made into sauce that they marinate the chicken in.  Once you choose a chicken dish, they have sauces to add to your dish. I chose the Mango and Lime, which was the second tamest sauce. The highest sauce is “Xtra Hot” which they have on their menu as “Like tackling a fiery dragon.” They also have calories listed next to the sauces and the rest of the menu items- a great touch for those of us counting.Nando4Due to Covid, they can only do outside seating. So we asked the hostess to hold a table we saw in the shade, and then we went in the Restaurant to order at the counter. Masks are required. I ordered the PERI-PERI Chicken bowl … Portuguese rice topped with chicken, arugula, roasted red peppers, cut grilled corn and hummus with the addition of my choice of sauce.  Trying to back off caffeine, I went for the Mango Lemonade, and my friend got the Pineapple Lemonade. Nando3We enjoyed the patio area with the shade and got to know a young, bright girl named Ingrid. We talked about haunted houses, cosplay, etc… and she was a delight to get to know. I even remembered to give her one of my kindness cards!Nando5The Chicken bowl was flavorful- just the right amount of kick. I loved the spice of the peppers, with the smooth taste of the hummus and the chicken was cooked perfectly!  I HATE rubbery chicken…I get one taste of that and my meal is over!  Thankfully this was delicious, and the only thing I didn’t really enjoy was the arugula. Maybe an acquired taste? I loved that the bowl was colorful, and I was taught a long time ago that a truly healthy meal has lots of bright colors in it.  The portion was also well worth the money – $10.39.  The Lemonades cost $3.39 each- well worth it as they were refreshing and delicious! I also want to add that the food came quickly, the server was kind, and the food was fresh.  Well worth the money! Nando2As we were sitting there, enjoying our meal, we heard the Hostess, Ingrid, answer a question about the DOLE WHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What?!?!?!?!?! Has Disney found me here, in a place I had no idea had them??? But, of course, the excitement was short lived, because of course, it is a self-serve machine, like at Disney, and no one is allowed in the Dining Room yet.  Sigh….so close yet so far. Nando7I truly enjoyed this meal and would love to go back and enjoy the inside and a Dole Whip when I return after my WI travels. I highly recommend it and hopefully you are gifted with a conversation with Ingrid and a meal of comfort in the warm sunshine.

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