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The Little Harbor Inn… a Bed & Breakfast in Door County, WI


I am blessed to have both my parents still on this Earth, and so I try to visit them as much as possible.  But with time and age, I found it was getting more difficult to stay at my parent’s home. So this visit would be different… some space every night for myself to unwind and recharge. My Dad found the “The Little Harbor Inn” which is located in the sweet, little village of Little Harbor, WI. Just down the road from his house, it was a perfect getaway with the cozy, home feel.Inn14

I checked in on Father’s Day this year which was Saturday, June 21st-22nd. Then I returned the following weekend checking in on Saturday, June 27th– Monday June 29th. The reason for the split stay was because of Father’s Day (which I don’t get to celebrate with him in person much anymore since moving to Florida) and then my Birthday was the next day so I wanted to celebrate with my Dad in the morning and my Mom in Green Bay for the week.  Thus returning the following weekend for more Dad time.

Parking on the side of this Bed and Breakfast was easy to find, as was the sign for the place. Basically you just have to keep an eye out for the “Little Harbor” Village sign and it’s right past that. Checking in was a breeze, as Dad had paid already in full for it before I ever stepped a foot inside. They have the regular room keys (I don’t know why I like that, it’s just nice to know I can’t demagnetize it with my cell phone). I was given room #5, located on the second floor, as an upgrade upon request. Dad mentioned they had whirlpool suites and I love a good soak, so I thought it doesn’t hurt to ask. They were pretty quiet due to Covid, so I was blessed with the upgrade and I was more than happy!

Now, having these road trips of mine, I tend to overpack- I know, shocker! Sorry but I have no idea what I will need to wear from day to day with to which adventure may lead me. So imagine me with this large suitcase that is just ridiculously heavy, and of course this Bed & Breakfast doesn’t have an elevator.  I pulled that up every stair, cursing under my breath, knowing this would be the last time I would take that freaking thing anywhere again.  So if you bring heavy or a lot of luggage, you will be lugging it up and down their stairs.Inn17My room was on the end of the hallway, one of four rooms on this floor. I opened my door to the most beautiful room I had ever stayed in. On the left was a small kitchenette with a small fridge, microwave, sink, counter space and a desk area with a chair.  Located across from this was the bathroom with fresh white towels rolled up in a country type basket…nice touch.  Next to the restroom was the whirlpool jacuzzi, and was also next to the queen size, 4 poster, bed. Across from this is a beautiful fireplace with a remote to use from the bed or jacuzzi….very romantic if the mood should strike you.  Next to the fireplace was a cherry wood hutch, complete with a tv, which I will say was on the small side. Now, I had been spoiled by a 42” TV with apps at Fairfield Suites before this, so there you go.Inn5Inn3Inn4Inn6Next to all of that is a small sitting room area with a couch and large bay window.  That leads out to a door to a community balcony which overlooks the Green Bay and the front yard grounds.  The balcony was my favorite part because I had the place to myself, so I would sit on the chair outside and just enjoy the smell of the trees and listen to the water breaking on the shore.  Now, had I been in the two center rooms, it may not be as “private” with others enjoying the balcony because it’s not that big. Also if others are out there, the center rooms windows that look out at the Bay could be blocked by those sitting or standing in front of them. Not a big deal, just something to consider.inn8My first impression of the room was what I stated before…its beauty.  A romantic getaway, a writers paradise, but with the pros came the cons.  First off, the room was very, very warm. It was the third week of June, and so it definitely needed air flow or air conditioning.  The storm windows were still in (Because Covid hit in the Spring, they didn’t have a chance to take them out) and the air wasn’t turned on.  The downside of the AC unit is that it is located under the large bay window…on one end of the room. For a smaller room, the AC would have been plenty enough, but this was a very large suite, it didn’t cool it off at all. I bring a small fan on the road for white noise while I sleep, and for when the air flow isn’t enough, and even that didn’t cool me off enough.  The next stay I had I asked them to please remove the storm windows as I needed some type of air flow, which they graciously did and I appreciated. I also wound up opening the balcony door all the time to cool down the room, so be prepared if it’s a hot week during your stay. Sorry, I just have a hard time sleeping in the heat (said the FL girl).Inn2Another thing that falls short here is the Wifi. Now, I know most people are “getting away” so the Internet is the least of their worries, but for someone like myself who uses it for her brand, it was actually very stressful to not be able to get but one pic posted or get through a single phone call without dropping.  They do ask you do not stream so that the Wifi doesn’t slow down for others, but I feel in this day and age, they need to update their Wifi to suit the needs of all. Or at least advertise it that the WIfi is limited so that everyone knows that going in. Again, the reception IN GENERAL is sketchy, your data or theirs, so just keep that in mind. Inn16I used the jacuzzi that evening, turning on the timer on the wall, then having to hop in to get to the faucets to start to fill the tub. Almost a game to get the temps right, then fill it to the right amount desired, and of course, the “ahhhh” moment of putting it all together.  It was a great addition to my evening and its well worth the Suite to soak!  The bed was very comfortable, nice big, fluffy pillows, and there was an outlet located behind the bed for me to charge my phone overnight.  I would recommend they get a small power strip (or bring your own on any trip) there for those who want to charge their phones and not have to unplug the alarm clock or the lamp.   The TV had local channels and HBO.Inn11The “Breakfast” part was my favorite!  Morning one, delivered to my door promptly at 8 a.m., I received a breakfast quiche, with a strawberry filled croissant, with a rhubarb sauce granola with icing and a fresh glass of OJ. It was all DELICIOUS!!! Morning two, due to her being gone, was given to me in a basket which was a large green apple, a HUGE Cinnamon crumble muffin, and a granola bar.  Then Morning three, delivered again to my door on my last morning, I had an egg omelette, another strawberry filled croissant, bananas covered in honey, and a fresh cup of OJ. It ALL was incredibly yummy and I loved the touch of it on a tray at my door.  I have been spoiled by Disney, for I had wished that she may add something of a Birthday touch to my first day breakfast, and I recommend they do that for their guests. A card, a cupcake, or even celebratory ribbons would add something special to a birthday breakfast there.Inn13Inn18INN19A wonderful stay with a peaceful feel, you can stay here from May-October, rates starting at $124 per night. My room was $169 a night, for those who would like to book the one I stayed in. Tom and Julie own it and they couldn’t have been nicer or more accommodating to me. Sincerely nice people and they will make you feel right at home here. Check them out at

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