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Lincoln Log Cabin State Historic Site

My absolute favorite part of any road trip is the unexpected. I am headed in one direction, plans on the brain, and then BAM, something presents itself that could be just as interesting, if not more. I was headed on my way to Casey, among the rows of Corn, hoping I wasn’t about to be a part of a Stephen King novel, and then I saw a sign for Lincoln’s Cabin. Having just been in Springfield and Lincoln, IL, I had been on a Lincoln “kick” so I thought, why not?LogCabin1Here’s the reality of it…and it’s still cool, just not what I thought it was. This is the site of Abe’s FATHER’S cabin, Thomas Lincoln. So its yes a “Lincoln Cabin” but not Abe’s. When Abe’s mother died, Thomas Lincoln got remarried to Sarah Johnston, they followed other family members from Indiana to Central Illinois. Abraham followed them, but decided to start his own home in Sangamon County. Thomas and his crew settled in near Decatur in Coles County. Here they built the saddle-bag type cabin, which is basically two large rooms joined together.LogCabin2LogCabin4Over the years, they would host up to 18 family members of the Lincoln line here. Abraham was busy being a lawyer and in state legislation, so he would visit when he could, making his final visit as President once the train line from Springfield was laid.LogCabin10LogCabin6Parking was free and it is free to tour the Lincoln Farm. The cabin was NOT open to tour while I was there (Covid-July 25th, 2020) YET the Gift Shop was open! I know, right? But I was able to go into the Visitors Center, look at all of the exhibits (masks required), and then walk the farm amongst the sheep and pigs just running around you.  It’s a beautiful area, I can see why they chose that spot. The cabin was recreated in the early 1900’s because the original was taken apart and displayed in Chicago somewhere. It looks original, I can tell you that, expect for the ugly blue doors someone painted.LogCabin5LogCabin8LogCabin9LogCabin7The gift shop was probably the most hilarious part as it sells of the “Abe” stuff on top of some really cute “country” type gifts. I picked up a really neat patch work pillow with the U.S. on it- reminded me of my travels.LogCabinPillowIs it worth it? Well, if you happen to be in the area, near Casey, then yes, history is important and to be where the family all were is really cool. But is it worth a detour? Well, during Covid, it’s something to do FREE and OUTDOORS so that’s a win, win. But hours out of the way for it? No. I enjoyed it and I hope you love the pictures, check it out when you are these neck of the woods. More Lincoln, yes please! Check it out HERE. Enjoy!


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