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Who are the People in your Neighborhood? A Look at Abe’s Home and Community!

They say you are, who you are, by the company that you keep. Abraham Lincoln knew this as he surrounded himself with amazing neighbors who would help his family as much as he helped them, in a little suburb in Springfield, Illinois. Let’s walk it, shall we?LincolnHome2This is on the National Park Registry, so for all of you adventurers out there looking to complete the list, this is a must stop! Parking is free right off of 8th Street, at a lot in front of the Visitors Center OR you can park on the Street and pay the meter.  I went on a Saturday, July 25th, 2020. The Visitors Center and Abe’s home are NOT OPEN during Covid, but the neighborhood is open and free to walk around in. It is a “blocked off” area meaning you can walk the gravel streets without any cars, leaving plenty of room between you and others for social distancing. I wore a mask around others, alone is when I gave myself a breather.IMG_8081LincolnHome8LincolnHome6IMG_8073IMG_8074Lincoln lived here with his family from 1844 to 1861, right before becoming our 16th President. Signage is provided everywhere on who’s home is what, and how they were impacted by Lincoln in their lives. Imagine if each of our neighborhoods did that now, maybe we would treat each other better for the legacy we would like to leave.IMG_7870IMG_8078 LincolnHome1Lincoln’s home is a simple house, but it’s the picture posted kiddie corner across the street that brings you right into his time. Its of him and his boys on the porch with Mary on the sidewalk, and to stand there and see where he once stood with his family, where he called home…it gave me goosebumps.  I have a ghost app on my phone that supposedly you can hear them say words through, and once and awhile I’ll play it in hopes I might get something. As I was standing there, it said “Particularly strange.” I laughed and said “Sounds like something Lincoln would say” and I got back “Precisely.” It has been reported numerous times that Abe has been seen many times in this area, walking around like the good old days. Not to be confused with the reenactors who frequent this area, along with Abe, but due to Covid, are on a break for awhile.LincolnHome5LincolnHome3I enjoyed this area because it was quiet, off the beaten path, no one was around, and it was in the shade of some beautiful trees, so it was just a nice place to visit and be.  I highly recommend it! More Lincoln? Yes please! Check it out HERE and enjoy!


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