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The Most Haunted City in Illinois… McPike Mansion


Being a HUGE fan of “Ghost Adventures” and many other spooky shows, I had to check out McPike Mansion on my trip to Alton, IL this past weekend, August 21st, 2020.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the McPike Mansion (2018 Alby St) sits on the highest point of Alton in what was called back then “Mount Lookout Park.”  A 16-room home which sits on 15 acres, it is said to be one of the most haunted locations in the Midwest. Built in 1869 and originally owned by Henry McPike, he was known and became famous for a new grape in winemaking. He would go on to marry Mary, and have two young childen, who tragically passed at a young age. I have learned that many folks back in the day would have large families because they had the knowledge that the mortality rate was high and that they would eventually lose one or more children. Also they had lots of kids because they wanted help on the farms.  Intresting.

The previous owner is said to be seen walking the halls and the grounds of this scary space, along with a servant named “Sarah”.  The most haunted section of the home being the Cellar, where people have reported hearing whispers and having clothes tugged. And if the house wasn’t enough for you, the grounds themselves, all 15 acres, are said to be haunted, including gravesites that have been found on the property.rsz_img_0099 (1)

I had read and watched several shows on it, but was confused on how to even tour it.  Due to Covid, I just assume everything is closed. But this is one of those “exceptions” because it’s a dilapidated building that the new owners are trying to restore, but I was told are also very PRIVATE people. They weren’t kidding on it’s location either! Due to the trees and the brush growing in, you can’t see it from the street anymore, only if you pull into the driveway. That was the other thing, this place had hours online- sooo it’s open? Yet I couldn’t have felt more like I was trespassing! I called the number, nobody answered, so I just hopped out for a pic and went on with my day.  I didn’t want an arrest added to my itinerary.  Check out their website HERE and hopefully after Covid, tours will resume once again. Want more spooky sites I’ve been too? Check them out HERE– enjoy!

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