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The Most Haunted City in Illinois…Mineral Springs Hotel

RoadTripLogoAs part of my day in this haunted City, I headed to the Mineral Springs Hotel, downtown Alton, located on 301 E Broadway (it takes up the entire corner, can’t miss it!). Opened in 1914, it was the grandest Hotel in the region, boasting the largest swimming pool in Illinois!  Built and created by successful meat packers, the Luer brothers, the hotel was not the only itention. They had planned to open a storage plant for ice, but upon digging into the ground, they came across the Mineral Springs.  Because the water had a strong sulfer smell, they got it into their heads that it must be “medicinal” and then sold this as “treatments.” rsz_img_0128

What most people don’t know is that the water bottling plant was built in 1913, FIVE levels below the street level! Then the Hotel was built ON TOP of this, layer by layer, making this building a complex mess. As the “healing waters” were bottled below, they finished the 100 room, in an Italian style above. Because of these magical waters,  Alton became a very popular town through out the 1920’s. rsz_img_0116rsz_img_0122rsz_img_0114


Due to time and life, August Luer sold the hotel in 1926,  where it continued to thrive until the 60’s when the hotel became over run by transients.  Closed in 1971, it was all set to be condemned, but in 1978, Roger Schubert bought the building and developed it into a shopping mall. rsz_img_0132rsz_img_0107rsz_img_0106rsz_1img_0117rsz_1img_0125

I had called all week to try to get on a Ghost Tour here, but again, Covid and the owners being out of town, I was out of luck. Hopefully I will get a second chance to tour. BUT part of the Hotel was turned into shops, so I was able to at least say I was IN the Hotel and took lots of pics down the quiet hallways, located past “Raining Zen” and the Barbershop.  The ladies at Zen were very kind, and it’s right up any ghost hunters ally with the merch provided. I always heard about cleansing an area with sage, well they sell all kinds and all “flavors”- and of course right above the sage was MY BOYS!! I watch “Ghost Adventures” quite a bit, and I knew they had investigated here and also Ghost Hunters. Always exciting to be somewhere you watched on tv. rsz_img_0110rsz_img_0111

Those that haunt here are the Jasmine Lady, which if you smell her perfume, she is near you. I have heard and read aboue two stories of drownings- one was a young man who drown in the pool and the other a little girl, Cassandra, who also drowned and will play with marbles and balls if you roll them near the pool. Also a man named George, a painter of a mural in the Crystal Room, has been known to haunt the halls. I would’ve love to have gotten a tour, but alas, what is meant for me is meant for me, and I await patiently until I can tour in the future- I can’t wait to go back! Check out more of my HAUNTED Road Trip in Alton, IL  … HERE and HERE – Enjoy!!!

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