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The Most Haunted City in Illinois… First Unitarian Church


Climbing back up the steep hills of Alton, I found myself at the First Unitarian Church (110 E. 3r St). A view from here of the mighty Mississippi, and the beautiful bridge, you would never guess the sadness that has happened at this church and on this spot. On the site of where a previous Church had burned down, the First Unitarian Church structure was erected, and both had been used as part of the “Underground Railroad.” Along with that,  in 1935, the Pastor of the Church hung himself, and he has been seen roaming the Church and its grounds ever since.  I thought the view was spectacular for all of the parishoners that still frequent this Church, but I also did feel some off energy in the front area. Again, this is a town I wouldn’t want to roam by myself at night- it speaks to you enough during the day. Check out the rest of my Haunted Alton Road Trip HERE.

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