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The Arzt House….Haunted St. Louis


Many a home and location are haunted in the City of St. Louis, and one of the most haunted, yet not too known, is the “Arzt House.”  An immigrant from Hungaria, Dr. Franz Arzt came to America, finding many business opportunities to lead him up the ladder of success and fortune. Building the home in 1874, it hosts not only a carriage house, but tunnels that run underneath the home.


Located at 2330 S. 12th Street, also known as “Soulard,” I had no problem finding the house. It stands out like a single candle on a birthday cake. Want to make a wish? This row of homes that surround it seem to sit in it’s shadows, while it reigns over them at the top of the hill. Had I known earlier, I wouldv’e booked a night hear on Air BnB for $90 a night- not sure I would get any sleep though! It is rumored that the good Doctor himself haunts the home and has been seen on more than one occasion.  I can tell you that just from walking around the property, as it takes up a good corner of the block, it is impressive and it is HUGE!  I may have to think on a second trip here, it sounds like a scary good time in a beautiful home. Want to see more of my haunted road trip? Check it out HERE. Enjoy!ArtzHouse5ArtzHouse6

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