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The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, IL

RoadTripLogoMost of my 2020 summer travels have been to roadside attractions and haunted places simply because  they have been away from crowds and have been free to enjoy. Museums were one of those “tricky” ones to try during these Covid days, but being here this summer, I really wanted to see the Museum of Science and Industry again.  LOVED it as a child, lots of school trips here from WI, and many with my own kids. I knew that it wouldn’t be the same with Covid, but I am learning that NOTHING is, and you just have to find the good in each day and then run with it. So that’s what I decided to do, booked online my date, Saturday, August 8th, 2020. Ticket were free during this time (just needed to make a reservation for the day and time), as they were just in the process of reopening, but alas parking inside their connected garage still cost me $22.00 The Garage entrance is located right in front of the Museum and was easy to find. Before you leave your car, remember your mask, its required at all times!rsz_img_8507rsz_img_8592Now, let’s get the uglies out of going during these Covid times, everything that you probably enjoyed before, is more than likely closed.  Just accept and know that ahead of time, so you don’t have upset kids the rest of the day.  What’s closed? Well for me, the Submarine, the Coal Mines, Finnegans Ice Cream Parlor, and the Café inside. They DID have set up a tent just outside the front steps where you could buy hotdogs and hambugers, along with chips and drinks. Tables were spaced away from each other, and it was a nice option other than nothing.  I have noticed the more touring I do, the hungrier I get, go figure. I mean, who looks at a Fairytale Castle and says “Boy, I could use a hot dog right now.” But alas, this is how I was imperfectly made!


Speaking of the Fairytale Castle, THE best thing in this Museum and my ALL -TIME FAVORITE thing to see here, it WAS open and I was more than happy! I skipped in, I stared, I squealed with childlike glee at all of the tiny, elegant furniture. They used to have phones that you would pick up at each station around it and hear the stories of each room- they have now modernized it more to be told in speakers above you with motion sensors. It was a nice touch, and Im sure a happy one for them now with the virus concerns and the phones. It’s something NOT to be missed!!rsz_img_8554rsz_img_8587rsz_img_8547rsz_img_8543rsz_img_8515 (1)

There’s so much to explore here, from the real live Tornado, to the full size Sub, to the room full of stages of pregnancy, this Museum is rich with science and I LOVE that! With every turn inside this Museum, it’s goosebumps and excitement. I mean, how cool is it to see a Tesla machine making lightening while you stand feet away? Or see right inside the human body with real examples? I just love this Museum and I think it’s so vital to share with our children on the whats and whys of how life happens and exists.  Check it out, even with everything closed, it’s still worth the stop! Enjoy!SCIENCEtornadorsz_img_8624


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