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In the Beginning….God Created Route 66


I don’t know how or when the travel bug bit me, but it’s never let up, and in fact, gotten stronger this past year. Maybe I am feeling mortality with Covid hanging over our heads, or maybe how the World right now had this wierd electrical charge that makes me feel like my own motto “Going from what if to why not?” Basically, if you have the time and means to get out there, safely, then go for it. I have enjoyed so many interesting places this summer, but some of my favorite I found are on Route 66! So much so that I have decided that I WILL COMPLETE the entire Route from Chicago to L.A. before I die. Well, that’s the goal anyways. So while I was in the Midwest this summer, I figured it made sense to see where it all began.


Route 66 was established on November 11th, 1926 with signs dotting the adventure along the way. Over time, many States would “restructure” the route, splitting it off in certain areas, and renaming in others. So there are “original” roads, and then ones that became “Route 66” later on. You can tell from the signs along the way, most having the years on them from when the Route was established. There are actually TWO prominent ones you can venture on in Illinois, making it that more challenging to complete all of it. I HIGHLY recommend picked up each State’s guidebook on JUST Route 66 and then follow that from city to city, this helped me TREMENDOUSLY!!


So to properly start the Route 66 experience, and even though I have been on it on a past road trip in Oklahoma, (stumbled across it accidentally), I decided a visit to Chicago would be the OFFICIAL start of this ROUTE 66 BUCKET LIST. Found in the heart of Chicago, in the LOOP area, the sign can be found at 120 W Adams St. It is right near the corner where the train comes overhead, and there’s also another sign at the end of this block. It’s a GREAT photo opp and the BEST pic to start off your scrapbook of memories on the mother of mother roads. So follow me as I find all the treasures on Route 66 here in IL, and eventually, more and more towards California. Enjoy!


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