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Mt. Carmel Cemetery in Hillside, IL… Al Capone’s Final Resting Place.


There is peace found in places where all that lives is silence. It’s what brings me to these solitudes, to walk among the once vertical and chat. Might seem strange to some, but if you know me, you are not surprised.  What people don’t realize is that you can learn so much from a walk amongst the dead, what they stood for, or lay for I guess now, and what they wanted to be remembered by. I have seen some strange stuff this summer, and I’m not talking Covid, but the stones, and monuments that people chose to be remembered by are very interesting.  When I look up a Cemetery, I am looking for the older ones, the 1800’s have THE most beautiful pictures and stones. I also do my research to see if someone famous has been buried there, which a quick chat wit Sir Google will always help you find that!


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Today’s Cemetery adventure took me to Mt. Carmel Cemetery in Hillside, Illinois, located at 100 S.. Wolf Road.  As you drive in, you can’t help but drop your jaw to the floor. Hills and hills of tombstones make it look like something you would definitely find out of a horror film, and it doesn’t help things that THIS Cemetery is known as the “Mobster’s Cemetery.” Why? THE Al Capone is buried here, along with Frank Capone, Ralph Capone, Vincent Drucci, Sam Giancana, Genna Brothers, Jake Lingle, Antonio Lombardo, Jack McGurn, Charles Nicoletti, Frank Nitti, Dean O’Banion, Frank Rio, Roger Touhy, and Earl Weiss.  The Capone stone was huge, and surrounded by many family members who are buried there. To find it, enter the Cemetery from Roosevelt Rd, and he’s about 6 stones down on the right. It’s actually on the list of “Route 66 Roadside Attractions.”  Apparently they had to move Al Capone to this Cemetery from Mount Olivet because of constantly dealing with grave diggers at the previous place. It was beautiful to see all of the fresh rose petals and candy all over the graves. I paid my respects and left.  


Also noted that several Cardinals and Bishops were buried here, as it is a Catholic Cemetery, along with Dennis Farina (actor), and MLB Baseball Players, Jack Powell and Ken Silvestri.  A famous gal and ghost story surrounds Julia Buccola Petta, the “Italian Bride.”  Check out her story tomorrow on the blog! I encourage you to take a sunny day and drive through and read the stones, for what they are there for is TO be remembered. Thanks for reading!

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