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Route 66… Henry’s Rabbit Ranch


I would love to be able to share with everyone Route 66 in perfect order, but like life, that just isn’t happening. First because the Route in Illinois splits off, so it’s impossible to do in any kind of order but travel one way or the other. Second, I did SO MUCH on Route 66 that it would take Scientists and Physicists to decipher the notes, pictures, and souvenirs I have from many of the areas. SO I am still writing about each adventure and attraction I visited, it just won’t be in order of how the Towns lie in Illinois. My advice is to use the guide book for that, but honestly, nothing needs to be in order except to keep straight for yourself or family while you’re traveling it (so you don’t have to back track much).


To find the beginning of Route 66, check it out HERE. I found Henry’s Rabbit Ranch in Staunton, IL. A bizarre litle side attraction, which honestly that’s pretty much what Route 66 is, it sits on a corner type “V” of the road. There is an entrance on either side, and I couldnt tell what was open and what wasn’t. Most things I saw were closed due to Covid or they are just meant for a drive by and/or a selfie for the adventure. This place was just off to me. I drove in past a bunch of “Humpin'” Semi-Trailers that line the one side of the lot, with the other side with cars in a domino style. Past that is an old gas station with stickers and saying of rabbits galore all over it. Again, nothing was open and I couldn’t figure out if someone owned this, could I explore the lot, or this was someone’s private residence and I was trespassing on it. Honestly it’s a horror movie setting. So because of that, I took pics, and headed out. Let’s not tempt the bear. Cute but odd place, but you will find the official “Route 66” blue signs near most of the attractions, at least making you feel like you got the spot right. It’s a crazy ride, but there ya go, Henry’s Rabbit Ranch.


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