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Route 66… Soulsby’s Service Station


Found in Mount Olive, Illinois along old Route 66, the exact address being 710 West First Street, is Soulsby’s Service Station. First let me start off by saying that the gas pumps were being refurbished on the day I visited, which was Sunday, August 23rd, 2020. I had been warned by the nice gal who worked at the Antique Mall about the refurbishment, but it was on my way so I thought I would still stop by for a pic.


Soulsby’s is the oldest Service Station on Old Route 66 in Illinois that is still to it’s truest form as you would’ve found it back in 1926. A man by the name of Henry Soulsby planned on his service station capitalizing on the first transnational highway, known as Route 66. What he didn’t plan on is that the Route would wind another way, leaving his dreams of large traffic literally in the dust. Not until four years later would the Mother Road be re-routed again, and right past his Station! Since then, they have tried to keep the pumps and the building kept up to it’s original beauty. What I looked for on what to see with these roadside attractions were if they had history, and if they were in the Route 66 Hall of Fame, and this one was! It’s a sweet little stop to make, sadly it wasn’t open to tour during Covid. Understandable, but I got some great pics, including the Route 66 painted on the road right in front of it. Check out more of my Route 66 travels and other adventures. Thanks for stopping by!


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