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Route 66… Polk-A-Dot Drive-In


Located in Braidwood, Illinois, on 222 North Front Street (Old Route 66), this beauty of a place was what I was craving after a long day of adventuring. From the adorable turning sign (reminded me of CARS) to the pop culture icons spread in and outside the Restaurant, this was another “experience” type place, not just a cheeseburger and fries. The wait was short to order, and they were encouraging the 6 feet apart for ordering and dining inside, masks on for everyone. The food took about 15 minutes to get, as they make it all fresh here. As I waited I used the restroom, and it was FILLED with Elvis. I peaked into the Mens, and saw that they had all Marilyn Monroe. I wound up taking my food outside to enjoy at a picnic table while I watched the spinning sign on a beautiful summer evening. Before I headed out, I took pics of the inside of the Drive-In, great movie memorabilia all over the place.


Even if you weren’t hungry, I would stop here for just the photo opps! They have an Elvis statue inside and out, Superman with his phone booth (yes you can go in it!!), Blue Brothers dancing, Betty Boop, James Dean and Marilyn Monroe on the other side, and all outside so if the place is closed, you can still stop for photos!


The story behind this colorful spot is something small businesses are made of. In 1956, Chester “Chet” Fife had the idea to serve fast food out of his school bus, dressed up in polka dots! It became a success which moved him on to bigger and better things, which is the building that now stands on that spot today.


My cheeseburger and fries were delicious, the prices were reasonable, and it was worth it alone just for the pictures. Check them out on your next trip on Route 66!

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