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Route 66… Pontiac, IL


For every soul who is venturing on the “Mother Road,” the town of Pontiac in Illinois is a NOT MISS! Not only is this a place come to life right out of a Norman Rockwell painting, but it hosts some of the best stuff of Route 66 history. Nestled in an old Firehouse sits the Route 66 Hall of Fame Museum, along with Bob Waldmire’s famous Road Yacht and VW Bus in which he drove the entire Route. He also famously documented his adventures while painting beautiful murals along the way.  In fact, in Disney’s Movie “CARS” they pay homage to the great man with the Volkswagon Microbus named “Filmore.” He started his travels in the Microbus and then later expanded to his Road Yacht.  Sadly due to Covid, the Museum wasn’t open, BUT, his vehicle sits in the parking lot in the back of the building so you can get pics with it and look inside, just can’t go in. 

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The Museum is also known for one of the largest and coolest “Route 66” Murals on the road itself! Best selfie here for you and the family, and it’s HUGE so everyone will be able to be in the picture and still see the infamous sign. And while you are at that spot, check out the wishing well on the right of that, another famous spot for Route 66.

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Also there is a Murals on Main Street Tour that I just walked on my own. I parked at the Museum lot, free of charge, and then after exploring around that area, I followed the Murals around town.  20 in total, they were created in 2009 during the Waldogs Summer Bash. All outside, they are all in close proximity of a couple of city blocks, and it was easy to walk. It’s a sleepy, little town, so it was a peaceful walk as I took pics and enjoyed the summer breeze. I was there on a Sunday afternoon, August 23rd, 2020, so maybe that’s why it was so quiet. Either way, I love to tour small towns when I can take the time to look and not feel rushed by the busy lives there. I highly encourage checking out this Town, so much to see and enjoy- put this stop high on your Route 66 bucket list!

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