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Aux Sable Cemetery….One of the Creepiest Cemeteries in Illinois

Among my many travels over the last year has been to some of the creepiest Cemeteries in the Midwest.  Once I am in a certain area, I like to do as much as possible, and that’s why you see so much from IL and WI. Illinois actually had a plethora to choose from and check out. First, I am always respectful to those who are laid to rest. I talk to them as if they are standing right there, for they once roamed this Earth too and deserve that kindness. But sometimes, I will feel some bad energy around me or feel like I am being watched by hundreds of eyes. One of those places was Aux Sable Cemetery in Grundy County, IL.

It starts with a search online and I had just come across this one and it sounded interesting. One way in, one way out. The Cemetery not only sits on Indian hunting ground, which already sets us up for “Pet Semetery” but also sits off a small running Creek (Aux Sable Creek) and Collins Run Stream. They say that water is a tool that spirits use, among other things, to communicate and gain energy from. As always, I check online the hours of the Cemetery and if there are any other things I need to know. On their site, they state their hours are 8 am to 8 pm. Awesome, I was planning a morning visit.


So I approach the Cemetery, hoping my GPS would get it right. It’s down a dead end road, so already I was nervous. But what started to make me panic a bit was that they had OPEN on one side and then NO TRESPASSING on the other. Um, what? I decided I would take my chances, as it was morning, around 10 am, and no one was around. I assumed the NO TRESPASSING was for those coming in after hours, after all, it’s a Cemetery. 


My car crawled it’s way in, towards a rickety old bridge that connected me from the outside word to the creepy that was beyond. It was a dirt road, and it just didn’t feel right.  I parked on the very end near the turn around, and turned my ghost box on to see if anyone would like to say hello. I immediatedly got “Don’t get out” clear as day. So much that I almost dropped it!  It was a beautiful day, and me being the adventurer thought “What could go wrong?”


Now, I wish I had some ghost tale of what I saw or more voices I heard, but all I can tell you is how I FELT. I felt like a million people were standing up and staring at me, not saying a word. For the sunny feeling of the morning, it didn’t feel like it for shadows were plaguing my soul. 


I barely stayed for more than an hour, walking up and down the rows of names. There were some very old trees and then there were dark corners I didn’t stick around long.  The legend of this place is that it was a hunting ground for the Indians, and on the flip side, there is a miscievious little girl who likes to mess with your car when it’s parked there. Thankfully I met neither.


Oh and then there’s the “door to the below.” I grabbed a pic but honestly it’s creepier than what it probably is- a shed they use.


It’s worth a look, but I would try to figure out if it’s one that you can visit or not, the signs and websites are very confusing on this. Nobody wants to get fined or arrested for visiting a Cemetery, so do the research and enjoy!


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